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Fake Alpinestars GPX Gloves - Warning!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 99CIBBER, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hey All,
    So I got suckered into purchasing a cheap new pair of AStars GPX gloves of a guy on Ebay. I know I know, buyer beware but it couldn't happen to me right?.. So I got stung with a fake pair. RRP on these gloves are $169.00


    I paid: $79.95.

    After 3 rides the so called leather on the wrist ripped, it was like rice paper thin. You could push in the plastic knuckle armour, the leather quality wasn't as good as the real ones, and the finishing wasn't up to scratch. The product info cardboard was missing from the plastic zip bag and there was a typo on the internal tag!

    As I paid through PayPal I lodged a dispute with the seller to retrieve my money and Ebay are investigating the seller. (he is now an un-registered Ebayer!) Still awaiting the sellers response to the dispute, so I'll be upgrading my claim soon through PayPal.

    So just wanted to give y'all a heads up that there are knock-offs of Astars gloves floating around at the moment.

    Here's a pic of the Tag of a real pair of Astars GPX gloves, note the logo at the top, this was also missing from the fake pair.


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  2. Mind you, based on a few threads here, they don't sound any worse than some of the real ones :D.

    Bargain I reckon.
  3. Was it an Australian seller or an overseas one?
  4. Did you know in China they even make and distribute fake eggs?! :shock:

    Ps I knowingly got some cheapy A-stars from ebay a couple of years back... poor copy really, but about the right price for the quality. I forwarded the auction details to A-star... I got nothing back.
  5. Are you able to disclose the sellers name (even thought they are unregistered)? Reason i ask is my brother in law recently bought a similar pair of Alpinestar from eBay for a similar price and i'd like to check that it wasn't the same seller.
  6. Makes mine look very good value considering no complaints at all from customers
  7. Did you know the journal that originally published those articles later retracted them after realising it was a hoax?
    Not that you couldn't make a fake egg, but since all people see when they buy it is the shell why on earth would anyone bother to try and fake the white and the yolk inside. Especially if they couldn't match the taste.
  8. Aussie seller from Brisbane.
  9. PM me, I'll hold back from disclosing the seller publicly until the dispute is over..
  10. Reputation is everything dude!

    If you have a good experience with something you tell 2 people.
    If you have a bad experience with something you tell 10!!!
  11. The eggs arent fake. Dont know whether they sell them outside the places they make them though. No country in their right mind would want to import them.

    I have seen the process used to make them. Oh yes, theyre mildly toxic as well due to the chemicals used to make them.
  12. That's wrong dude! Fake eggs...Yuck!!

    When I took my gloves into a MCA's store to get authenticated the Astars distributor was there, he didn't seem too fussed about the knock-offs. All he said was that they were a pretty good copy.
  13. I was watching a doco about the fake industry - and one of the things it showed was a dude mixing up the egg chemicals and making eggs. If that's a hoax then great! Who'd want to eat fake eggs?!
  14. eggs are nothing but a fart clothed in substance
  15. that my man, is effin excellent!
  16. I can not take credit - It was Dylan Moran

    just as kids are nothing but drunk midgets that trip over anything
  17. I'm a happy customer and no complaints.
    Can't help it but when I go bike shops I compare your gloves to a* ones and can't spot a difference. Oh and been using them for months in dry and the wet and nothing has come undone or torn.
  18. They have been all over the web for a while now. You can get a fake pair of A* GP Pro (RRP $279AU) gloves delivered to your door directly from one of the many knock off manufacturers in china for about $50US. I could say this is where the world is heading, but I'm afraid it has been here for quite some time. The fact is there are already a couple of nails in the coffin of the Australian retail industry, just ask Gerry Harvey. I mean if some 2 bit factory in China can produce them and make profit from 50 bucks, what does that say about the markup for the Authentic gloves that are also made in China. And don't be surprised if these fakes are already in stores mixed in with the real ones.
  19. I don't get why you guys keep persisting with copies. You know that they are copies, you buy them as copies, pay the copies price then complain when you get them and try to get you money back.
    I just don't get it!
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    Um... Cibber thought he was getting a genuine product.

    - - -