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Fake Alpinestar Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DrewMan, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    Recently, I purchased a pair of Alpinestars S1 gloves from a dude on eBay. The going price was excellent and I was ecstatic when I won them!

    Fast forward a few days and Im looking very closely at the gloves and saying to myself, "These dont seem right". After watching a few videos and comparing pictures, I was certain that I had a pair of knock off gloves. A lot of detail and effort had gone into recreating the gloves but it is obvious where theyve taken shortcuts to keep costs down.

    The main differences include: different materials, dodgy decals, substituted materials (note the perforated leather), stiffer feel, lack of padding and a nice all round dodgy feel.

    Ive lodged a claim through PayPal to get it refunded and funnily enough the seller hasent responded.

    I managed to get a pair of real Alpinestars S1 gloves off a mate and compared the two together. Have a look at the pics and judge for yourself. You can clearly see which ones are the real deal and which ones are the fakies.

    Skull Cap Beanie? wtf?

    The fakes

    The legit ones
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    misaligned graphics FTW!

    Dodgy Decals
  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Perforated Leather substitution
  4. Anybody else had any similar experiences?
  5. Chinese?

    As the saying goes, in the west you have copyright, in china you have the right to copy.
  6. That's a good one.
  7. funnily enough, even the legit ones are made in china!
  8. Yeah, and I wouldnt be suprised if a factory employee copied the leather patterns and decals and then went into production.
  9. the graphic area is a real poor job, did it get sent from oz or o/s?
  10. guy said he was in the UK but the parcel was from Beijing
  11. bastards
  12. Thanks for letting us know as I'll be sure to ask seller questions if I end up buying a* gloves from eBay
  13. you're not the only one


    Blog: Beware Of Snide Alpinestars Kit On The Web

    Times are hard and we’ll all find any excuse to bargain hunt, and that’s exactly what FB reader by the name of Ian did. Scouring the tinterweb for some gloves after trashing his Astars during a trackday smash, Ian saw a snip on some identical mitts and went ahead with the online purchase – that turned out to be a set of counterfeits.

    The gloves were virtually unmistakably Alpinestars and, according to Ian, would have fooled anyone who hadn’t owned a pair previously. However, the dye on parts of the leather was running and the quality in general wasn’t too hot in comparison.

    We’ve heard of similar cases in the past, with gloves and boots, and it seems like the cheap Chinese manufacturing boom is having adverse affects. If it can happen to the Gucci of motorcycling, Alpinestars, it could happen to anyone. Buy wisely.
  14. Make sure you put negative feedback on the sellers page, let people know you've been sold fake items. Sure it doesnt help you much, however the next person could at least see whats happend.

    On a side note, and I am sure you all know this, dont buy from sellers with a poor rating, make sure they have a good couple thousand feedback (with a high positive %) and read the negative to see where the issue is. Also, if somebody sells (for the sake of arguments) phones and all their feedback is phone related, then they have a randoms bike part for sale, id be careful.

    Good luck and I hope paypal play ball and refund you for the item.
  15. Caveat emptor indeed! Thanks for that. I hope you get your dough back.
  16. Make sure you send a message through to ebay/paypal about it (and include those photos), since I believe part of their system is that they'll provide a cashback guarantee if you don't receive what you ordered. Goodluck!
  17. I checked out a pair of A* Gp Pro's on ebay. Sent the seller a message straight up asking if they were fakes/copies.... Havent heard an answer.

    Just check it out before you buy people, even though they are cheaper than stores you may not be getting what you pay for, usually + $150.
  18. Update on the case:

    Still no reply from the seller and did all the things that PayPal has asked me to do and was found in my favour.

    Money will be refunded into my account in a few days.

    Although it takes a while for the wheels to move, it was a positive result in the end.

    I have a feeling that if the seller doesn't reply to your message of "I thibk your products are fake", they usually are.

    Already purchased another pair! This time from a more reputable seller! (350 items sold and 100% rating).
  19. Yep. Know about the knock offs. I bought a pair a while back. As far as $40 gloves go, they're not too bad. lol

    I sent an email off to A*, but never heard anything about it.