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Fake AGV helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TAX123, May 7, 2009.

  1. Saw a helmet with AGV writen on it, it was fairly cheap, then i looked at the box it came in and it had made in Indonesia on it, went on the web and saw some blogs from other people on other forums and they say if its not made in Italy its a fake, I went to the official worldwide website AGV.it and it has a list of all the helmets it makes, and this model GP1 was not on the list, now saw this helmet at bikebiz. I thought those guys are a legit store, whats going on, or are AGV making cheap stuff in south east asia like other companies eg nike
    anyway would you trust a helmet made in Indonesia? Indonesia make a lot of cheap shit that wouldnt pass aus standards, if it has aus standards would it be ok or would that sticker be fake too. was looking for a cheap helmet for a spare for pillion

  2. have you got the helmet or you sold it with the bike?

    i saw a similar helmet dont know if it was a gp1 at mcaw at liverpool but the tag had made in italy, but these new ones say made in indonesia, if its a legit AGV and made to the same standards would be ok, just dont want to buy a fake reproduction even if its for a spare pillion helmet
  3. the helmets at home with the bike, I'll check it tonite...
  4. Look at it this way. If it was a fake, would the faker be stupid enough to write Made in Indonesia, rather than Made in Italy on it? :grin:

    Claims that if an AGV lid isn't made in Italy it's a fake, smack of denial by people who've paid $$$$$ for a helmet they thought was made in Italy and were disappointed. After all, the nice people at AGV wouldn't rip them off, would they? :p .
  5. I think GP-Pro is made in Indonesia or China. Ti-tech is more expensive. Sizes XL and up are made in Italy, smaller ones are made in Chech republic.
  6. Just looked at mine it says made in indonesia...

    Doesn't bother me the Italians aren't exactly renowned for their engineering excellence...
  7. Whether its applicable or not but Dianese have recently bought AGV and as a resultare winding AGV down as they dont want a cheaper brand competing within their own company...........my understanding is they are dispensing with all AGV product and even offloading a lot in the UK with co-branded Dianese helmets.......that said..........

    I wonder where Dianese gets there helmets made.......??


  8. i would say the italians are well renowned for engineering excellence... ferrari f1 team / cars, ducati moto gp / bikes, lambhorghini etc.

    its just the quality control in manufacturing thats a little lacking :p

    some people call it "character" :p
  9. Have you ever worked on a Ferrari or Lamborghini they may look nice but I'm not sure excellence is the word...
  10. I've worked on a few Italian products in which the aluminium seemed to contain an even higher percentage of cheese than some of the Honda rubbish I've encountered.
  11. AGV are made all over the place these days. All Ti Tech now come from Chech Republic. GP Pro is an old design and most in this country will be made in Italy. Air tech is from china as are the Stelth. GP Tech (Rossi face) is made in Italy.
  12. Totally right...all the gear is made in different places these days. My Ti-Tech's made in the Czech Republic, A* SMX4 boots and GP-Pro gloves are made in China, my Dainese Lagua Seca suit is made in the Ukraine, and the Dainese Backspace2 armour is made in Italy.

    It's all about manufacturing costs these days. 10 years ago the equivalent of all these products were made in Italy. :shock: