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...Fake $50 notes?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. I got some $50's out of an ATM yesturday... went to pay for some items at the train station - and was advised by the staff in the shop that they could not accept the $50 I had presented to them, as it was a fake!..... WTF!! :eek:

    Did some google - and it seems that there has been some bogus reporting relating to fake $50's. Apparently, one of my $50's did not have the correct signatures/names on the notes.... I sortta find this VERY hard to believe! o_O

    Anyone else had any issues like this?...... :unsure:
  2. Was on the news few days back that there ARE fakes going around.
    Wouldn't expect to get one out of the atm though. Would definitely be going to the bank to get them to swap it.
  3. Take it to a bank branch and explain where you got it from and see what they have to say
  4. ... I got it from the local Credit Union ATM! :cautious: .... will pop in there today and tell them what happened. Interestingly, the station shop did accept another $50 that I also had!..... I just wouldn't expect to get a fake one from an ATM (I would assume that all notes received by them are checked!).
  5. Hmm. That's unfortunate. Hope they accept it.
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    Couldn't wait.... lol... went down & told them what happened. They called head office to discuss while I was there. Luckily I had my receipt from the withdrawal, not that it would prove that the $50 actually came from them.

    Anyway, they exchanged the note and they were going to contact Armourguard, who fill the ATM.

    Interestingly, I told my story to my work colleagues.... and we found 4 more within a short timeframe!. I can't believe that these are fake.... I think it must be a change to the design or something, but it's causing alarm at this point in time for some reason.

    This is one of the links I found: the changes are identical to the note I had & the others we found at work.....


    this seems to advise about the ACTUAL fake nores:


    All I can say is, that it's darn embarrassing to be told in front of a load of people, that you are trying to pass on a counterfeit note!...... :nailbiting:
  7. That's good. Yeh it sucks and really, the tellers should be looking given how often it comes up. Not like they are going to catch these guys though, simply too easy to distribute fake notes.
  8. that seems to be saying it's a simple design change back in 2002. That being the case, I've confused as to why the people at the bank weren't able to tell you that in the first place?
  9. ..me too!.... as I said, we found more at work of the same.... I really can't believe that they are all fake!

  10. This happened to me in McDonalds in Argentina. Especially embarrassing when you don't speak the same language. And even more embarrassing when you get shown how fake the notes actually look.
  11. Damn, that sucks. But it's not likely to happen to me. I very very rarely have notes on me. I can't remember the last time I saw a $10 note in my wallet, let along a 50.
  12. Reserve Banks' guide to spotting counterfeits: banknotes.rba.gov.au/counterfeits.html

    (Bloody "Like;Post Ratio" crud stopping me from posting links. It can bugger off and suck a leper's arse)
  13. .....much like royalty!..... lol :D
  14. hahaha. that's what I tell people. But those that know me, know that it's because my wife won't give me any money.
  15. How do you pay for stuff? Sexual favors?
  16. EFTPOS.
  17. Is that a euphemism?

    (Sorry, I'm ridiculously bored right now)
  18. Unfortunately, no.

    I've been married too long.
  19. :rofl:
  20. Glad I'm not there yet then :)