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Fairly sobering bike accident video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. For sale 1 BMW R1150R......owner in shed, sitting in corner shaking and sucking thumb.
  2. mmmm, i like my 'no road rash for me' gear
  3. not bad at all that one :D nothing like the GP crashes videos that really only make you want to stack at high speed :LOL:

    and you learn something new every day huh, i didn't know that when NIN did that song it wasn't theirs (at least i'm guessing they covered it, not the old bloke singing in that clip :LOL: )
  4. Jeez coco, that "old guy in the clip" is Johnny Cash, please!!!!
    Road rash pics should be mandatory on the walls of motorcycle accessory shops!
  5. am i too young to know who the hell that is? :LOL:

    geebuz, i consider the NIN version to be fairly old :LOL:
  6. That'd be Johnny Cash, young'un (the original Man in Black).
  7. There are not many artists who deserve the title "late, great" but John Cash certainly does......
  8. Ooooooh.... so many potential hawt street-figters amongst that lot.
    (Oh, and so many silly people not wearing proper riding gear.)
  9. "Motorcycle Crash Collage. Think twice before you get on a bike."

    but I think there should be more... something about wearing right gear pergaps??
  10. was it just me or did every second bike seem to be a suzie???
  11. I noticed the majority of the bikes crashed were suzukis.
  12. gotta wonder about those suzie riders
  13. Nasty...

    So when people say, "Be careful out there." THAT's what they mean.

    (Did notice a lot of Suzukis in there though)
  14. Damn does that mean that I should get rid of mine :D just in case.
  15. Nah, your's is a classic.
  16. ggood pics,it really makes u think.
  17. Had a good mate go down on the way to the Alice, Monday week and watching that video made me shiver all over. After not being able to ride for the past 10 weeks, the doc gave me approval to ride pillion on the weekend, and all I could think of was damn this is going to hurt bad if I fall off and I was quite scared. Does anyone else feel like this if they haven't ridden for a long time?

  18. Thats good. By the time I get to ride again it will be a vintage :)
  19. i liked the one with the bike that hadgone into the car up to the pillion seat
    i hope he ducked :LOL: