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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Pete_R1, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Gday all. I recently had a low speed fall on my 2001 yamaha R1. I have mainly just scaped the left hand side fairings and the front fairing a little. I have been searching the internet for after market fairings but having trouble finding suppliers in Aus. I found places in the US on ebay and will cost about $499 + $225 postage USD for complete new set, to get it here. Anyone have any ideas or is that the best i will do for a new set of fairings? There must be someone in Aus that supplies them. Probably just as dear but......

  2. thats cheap.oem is about a grand each piece. :shock:
  3. they are cheap lookin too them ebay ones,from what ive heard.
  4. These are the ones i was looking at...
    I cant post a link on here yet as im new. The ebay store i am looking at getting fairings from are auctmarts1.
    Anyone bought these before? They look good but hard to tell on fitment/finish i guess.
  5. google auctmarts1..they seem to melt,but could be prevented by heat shielding..
  6. Im thinking now it may just be easier and cheaper to get the damaged fairings repaired. Anyone had any fairings professionally repaired and an idea of cost.?
  7. 1st step - Ring around the wreckers and try to find 2nd hand fairings in the right colour.

    2nd step - Take the bike to a couple of bike paint shops and get quotes to fix the panels that you couldn't find 2nd hand.

    3rd step - Thank god you didn't waste your money on chinese replica fairings!
  8. lol. great advice mate ! Will do that. cheers.
  9. Hi...i second that....those chinese panels are rubbish....try this one on for size..we recently had a guy come in to get a quote and was quoted 750 to fix his panels...to which has wasnt happy with and said he could buy ebay panels....he was warned but declined to take the advice....after he received them he returned and got the job done :)
  10. Don't bother with the chinese fairings. Had a set fittted to my old CBR250RR for awhile and they cracked almost everywhere (Under the seat was the biggest one).

    And the thing with those chinese fairings is that it can't be plastic welded for some reason. (Maybe someone in the know could shed some light on this)

    One thing you can try is have a look around the US R1 forums. There are usually people off loading fairings or parting bikes. My race fairings cost USD 85 for shipping from Orlando, Florida to Melbourne. I got them off a guy on the R6 forums and he used USPS (Insured) (6-10 days). I don't see why some places charge USD 250 tho.
  11. yeah they can be welded....theres a couple of diffrent types out there...they all are vac formed (usually in a few piece's and glued together and the seams bogged)the inner lugs are glued on...theres pvc panels that are heavy and like egg shells and abs ones.
  12. Thanks for the info. The guy I sent it to said that they couldnt be welded and was wondering why.
  13. ylwgtr knows his stuff. :)
  14. This guy is a local supplier on the gold coast:


    The fairings have all the heat shielding in place already.

    Supposed to be not too bad quality and have been fitted to a few bikes in bris already.