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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rach_86, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Had a bit of a bingle on the weekend. So the front of my bike looked like a train wreck. The good thing is it all mostly looks cosmetic. So I have been using my time off so far to try and get prices and what not but am finding it a bit hard.

    I ride a ZXR250C 1993.
    So fairings are hard to come buy. Ive tryed Vic wreckers and there after 300 a piece.

    I need
    Right hand side
    and Left hand side depending on price although i could probably deal with the left the way it is.

    Does anyone know what my next course of action should be.

    Thanks Rach
  2. And again I say, STREET FIGHTER TIME!!!
  3. Street fighter everything u can't fix or is too expesive to fix.
    Or repair it ur self will cost about 250 in tools and ull be all set up for ur next spill + cost of refinishing it.

    I wish al u netriders lived in sydney i could do so many chepo repair jobs
  4. I found a place that will do a whole set and a custome paint job for $1100.
    Think ill go with it. Now my question is what designe do i paint the fairings up as???? :?
  5. Here comes the newbie question:

    what is meant by the term "streetfighter 'ing' something up" ?

    *audible groan* from the forumites
  6. Street fighter = rip all the fairings off, put a tough looking front light on it, embrace the ugly brute and ride it like it's stolen and you have a burning roll of toilet paper hanging out your bum.

    $1100 for a full fairing set sounds pretty fair. Paint it something really distinctive. It's a Kawasaki right? Put Repsol colours on it.
  7. Thanks Loz :cool:
  8. lol funny you mention repsol.
    My friends finally getting a new set of fairings for his cbr and hes getting that colour scheme. So I cant get that. I think I have a winner though. The alstare corona extra super bike colours.
    Looks hot as. But im going to get it without the corona symbols and change the theme from suzuki to kawasaki.

    A bit of a rip I know but it just looks really good.
    Have a look at it on the web: http://www.dailyracer.com/alstaresuzuki/ke1471.html
    I hope that works.

    And my friend recomendid southerncrossports. Said they where pretty good so I might go there for repairs.
  9. Looks nice mate, why not go all out and get a white bike and maybe a big tribal design on the side. Now that's a bit different but still would be easy to sell I reckon.
  10. well no jokes i was going to go white because it looks awsome from what ive seen. The probelem is I have white rims on my bike and I find them hard enough to keep clean. Maybe when I upgrade ill go something in white.