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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fly, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. :?: How safe are fairings? Are bikes with fairings better than bikes without fairings or vice versa?

  2. Fairing do nothing for protection they are there to assist in aerodynamics.

    The Honda ones look good :)
  3. I like fairings, but some look dodgeois (see Ducati 916, early 90's models). :)

    The other thing about fairings is they're pretty expensive to fix after you've dropped yer bike in the driveway a couple of times.

  4. its allllll personal preferance. like vic said, there's no protection there aside from the wind. personally not a fan as it can make your ride alot warmer in the hot weather where most people do most of their riding (but then it also keeps you warmer in winter too). that and it can cost a bucket to fix if it gets dropped. my neighbor just had a stationary drop on his CBR954, got quoted $6500 for repairs :shock: thats $2500 more than i paid for my whole bike :shock: :shock:

    anyways, neither are any safer than the other. really, if you wanna be safe, then you might be best off driving a golf buggy :wink:

    i prefer the look and feel of a naked bike but its not for everyone. just remember too, you can always turn a clothed bike naked, not so easy the other way around. so if you like the feel of a fared bike, you can always make it look how you want....
  5. I prefer bikes with fairings...
    When I was looking for my first bike, my whole family (practically the whole family rides!) wanted me to get a naked bike...
    They all pointed out how a faired bike costs more to fix if you drop it etc etc....

    What pisses me off is that everyone will tell you "you'll drop the bike", as if being a Learner guarantees it....
    I can tell you, it's Bullsh*t - Yep, guaranteed one day I'll probably drop my bike (probably the next time I get it out, now that I've said that!! :? )but I made it past my L's without doing so! Just being a learner doesn't mean you'll drop your bike - If you prefer faired bikes, don't let people use that argument to talk you out of it. :)

    Fairings are good for aerodynamics heading INTO the wind... however, if you've got a side wind, a faired bike will be thrown around more than a naked bike.... A lighter bike will get thrown around more than a heavier bike....

    LOL... therefore, if you like a bike with fairings, go for a heavy one... Like the ACROSS! :p
  6. I was told that the only difference between a naked bike and one with fairings is that the naked bike causes BMS (Brass Monkey Syndrome) whilst one with fairings won't. How true that is I'm yet to discover.
  7. BMS :LOL: thats good

    depends on the bike. my bandit left my kanackers nice and cool, which is great on a hot day, but can lead to a bit of shrinkage if its cold. my YZF600 however (yes, it IS naked) keeps them tucked nicely behind the tank away from that harmful wind. nothing like a bit of BMS eh :LOL:

    kez is right on one count too, any wind will knock you around more on a fared bike if you're not tucking behind the faring. a constant force over your entire front is less of a strain than double the force hitting just your upper chest and head.

    but kez, you ARE more likely to stack while learning. true, you wont necissarily stack, but its alot more likely. missa (my GF) has had now 5 minor drops and a minor accident. glad its only a shittly GPX. one thing about farings tho, is that they are easier to fix than steel. if you dent or scratch your frame/tank there's gunna a bit more to pay for to get it back up to scratch again. naked bikes wont necissarily mean a cheaper fix in the event of a tumble......
  8. So true about the wind , i got blown every where last night.
  9. Nice problem to have ;)
  10. Geezus Vic what's he got that we haven't :p
  11. Has to be money, can be looks, we have them all.....right??
  12. :oops: maybe i should refrase that but it would be good :shock:
  13. From experience, side farings really only assist once your speed gets over 110 or it's very windy.

    Front faring is your friend.

    I'm refraining from commenting on anything else.
  14. I would want a fairing if I'm riding long distances at high speeds quite often.

    I would NOT want a fairing if you want to save money on having the bike serviced (you'll be charged for the time the mechanic takes to get it off).

    I chose a bike with a half-fairing (Yamaha XJ600S) so I can go on weekends away with my wife, and it will keep me a little warmer and dryer if I'm caught in the rain when going to and from work.
  15. I just loooove the look of a bike with a fairing. To me, they are the most eyecatching, sexy mother f***ers. :D
  16. there it is....
    Chicks dig fairings..
    what more reason do you need..
    Ive already got my own little babe, thats why i dont have fairing.

    One thing to consider about a bike with, or without it, is insurance.
    sure you never plan on dropping your bike, but a bike with fairing can cost easily twice as much to insure than one with out.

    As everyone else said, safety is not an issue.

    Also if you want an idea on prices for replacement fairings, send "slider" a pm. he just had his replaced.

    Another minor thing may also he handleing, (everyone else may object to what im saying now)
    but some people think it feels easier to ride a bike with out fairing,
    easier to control at slow speeds, in and out of slow moving traffic etc etc.

  17. To the original question of are they safe.
    Quick answer YES> more so not having them would be less safe (not dangerous) because ---
    1/ they create a greater visual impact which improves safety
    2/ They streamline the bike creating better protection from wind buffet and maintain, in particular, rear tyre traction. Note this this applies to intergrated fairings. Many of the bolt on ones actually disrupt airflow and lighten the rear end, hence less traction.
    3/ create comfort for the rider on longer/faster trips resulting in less rider fatigue.

    BUT!! if your riding a bike, this isn't the right question to be asking. I can't think of anyone who rides to be safer!!, so it usually comes down to personal preference.

    Best of luck.

  18. but of course it all depends on the bike... I dropped my fully-faired YZF once and it got a scratched bar-end and a dislodged mirror, not a scratch on the fairing!

    really should get frame sliders though...
  19. oh I should also add that there is no way I'd be riding so much without fairings... I'm a wimp who likes hiding behind my screen :)
  20. Well, here's my comparisons on this. I went from my learner nekkid Virago to a very faired ZZR600.


    Heaps of wind pressure on your chest and head, even thought he top speed on my Virago was pushin 120, still felt like I needed boob room in the back of my jacket. And I often had a sore neck after a decent ride from my head blowin around. Sure though, I reckon it'd be different on a sports type nekkid bike tho, where the seating position is more leaning forward.

    Yeah, it blew all over the place in side winds cause it was so light.

    Yeah I got my ass and everything soaked every time I was riding in decent rain.

    ZZR.... Aside from the fairings makin it look SEXY AS PHARK ..... :p

    Sure the fairing slices you through the breeze way more aerodyanmically, although you do get blown around sideways in a decent wind - but how often is this really..... The bike is heavy enough that I don't notice it unless its really strong.

    BMS syndrome, or whatever Voyager called it is eliminated cause you're so protected, and WAY warmer than you would be without fairings.

    In a decent rain, the only parts of me that get really wet are my shoulders, and back of my calves, down to my boots, for some wierd ass reason.

    And Kez, I never dropped any bike til I got this one, that's now been down four times - yep, since Feb. Fortunatley the only damage out of all of that, is some slight grazing down the centre panel of the left side, which I was able to easily touch up. In most light, you can only see it if you're really lookin for it. I priced that particular panel, new and painted at $180 and thought that was fairly reasonable, but I wont be replacing it yet, and there's not enough damage to really bother at this stage.

    So, in summary, I'd never go back to a nekkid bike, regardless of what a faired bike costs to fix it if it was severely damaged. That's what insurance is for anyways, and if you're smart, you wouldn't be riding, or driving any vehicle without it. :p