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Fairings - Improper fitting

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Rented, May 31, 2013.

  1. Firstly, I apologise if this forum is inappropriate, didn't quite seem to fit the workshop forums.

    I have a '12 blade. The fairings really nice looking, I think, and you can tell they're tricky to put together. However, when a bike shop services or repairs your bike, you shouldn't have to pull the fairings off to correct them not having a clue.

    So, had a minor accident and got it back in time for a track day. Awesome, right? Except, halfway through I noticed the fairing underneath the headlights had a gap and would be losing air right before it gets channeled into the air scoops. And now that you mention it, the bike looks slightly wider. And I didn't seem to getting the same top speed down the straight quite like last time.

    This pissed me off for the rest of the day.

    So, last night, I pulled the fairings off. It took AGES to figure it out, Honda really have made it look nice, but put some screws in some really awesome spots.

    Problem #1 - root cause:
    The air intake tracts were not seated properly or clipped into the headlight unit properly. This then pushed all the fairings wide and was why they couldn't get them to fit together. Easily fixed.

    Problem #2 - Damage.
    They appear to have used heat on my new fairing (which was damaged in minor drop) to remove some tabs to make things fit, and then used sticky pads when the tabs were no longer present to hold it together. Sticky pads failed. To say I am pissed is fairly accurate - they failed to assemble it properly to begin with AND THEN INTENTIONALLY DAMAGED MY NEW SIDE FAIRING. WTF?

    A friend of mine that is a car mechanic instantly said "they got the apprentice to do it".

    It was very late when I finished and I didn't think to take photos, but, I'll be visiting them tomorrow to see what they say. Unfortunately, they're the only dealer in town for my bike.

  2. Sounds like a series of fark ups all round......bummer

    I know you're feeling like going down to the workshop and telling them what's for.......but I suggest you don't go in guns blazing.

    I would pull them up on the workmanship and explain to them how you found the fault. Ask them for an explanation - but don't blow up.......that'll get you nowhere and I think you'll be very nervous taking your bike back if there is bad blood.....

    Good luck with it mate :D
  3. Yeah, true. I can't get mad like that, but I need to have hope that it's just some junior covering his tracks rather than them making a business decision to f^ck me over.

    The part that is floppy is the inside of the dogtooth which is part of the intake tract. Structurally the fairing is fine, it won't fall off, but I am not a happy chappy.