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fairings for a honda spada?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by twainharte, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Looks like a Yammy FZR of some description...
  2. f me, that's not a spada :p Where do I buy that kit? :grin:
  3. It's not any of the FZR250's... might be an FZR400 fairing.
    The thing that's confusing me is the join that's about 30cm from the bottom of the side fairing - none of the FZR's have that.
  4. the actual bike is either an szr660, or a tzr250 from japan, they both use the same chassis. ( i lurve my szr660 :) ) the fairings are i'd say are from the tzr, though if they are being used on a szr they would need some mods because of engine size difference etc i would say.
  5. Hi All,

    I found this post and looked and the pic and thought, hell yeah I gotta have a go at that!!!!

    Did anybody ever work out where the fairing on this spada came from or who did it?


  6. The photo is linked from the North Brisbane Suzuki four wheel drive club site. They have a forum, might be worth asking over there?

  7. I sent an email to the club to see if they could help me track down the bikes owner.

    Will wait and see what comes back and let all you Spada lovers know.


  8. i thought the consensus was that the bike isn't a Spada?
  9. nah, it is a spada.
  10. there is a mob in the states that make these fairing have a look at www.gstwin.com somewhere in there some one fitted one to their gs500e its a gsx-r750 modeled fairing

    well very similar to the one in the pic on gstwin
  11. Its definately a Spada, But if you cover it in plastic, it loses its sexy naked look.

    I think Spadas should remain undressed.

  12. When I first saw the title I thought why would you want to put fairings on a perfectly good naked bike? Then I saw the pic and changed my mind, looks pretty cool!
  13. ...but it'd probably cost... about the value of a Spada!
  14. there is a company in NSW that makes a full fairing kit for the SPADA. Can't find the link not but they are about $100-$1200 depending on style type and graphics.

    found then when i was looking at screens. and have also seen a few SPADAs with these kits pop up for sale on bikesales/bikepoints etc.