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Fairing washers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by PEEair, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. I just noticed one of the screw on my fairing is missing a washer. Does anyone know where I can get one? It's for Ninja 250r and it's a clear rubber washer.

  2. Is the Kawasaki dealers' spares network really this bad?
  3. No, just blindingly expensive..](*,)

    1] they are polythene not rubber
    2] last time i bought some at the local bolt bar
    3] I have seen them at some non brand affiliated bike shops that stock aftermarket products.
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  4. Thanks. Would Bunnings have them?
  5. Not that I've seen in the nuts and bolts section. They only have the massively overpriced little handyman packets...

    Click on this link...covers most of melbourne's suburbs.. Keable's near the city is very good for rare bolts..

    There's even a company at the bottom of the page call "Washers and stamped components, in Rowville"

  6. Bunnings na Mitre 10 come on mate,do a search.
  7. And he'd be able to find that part in buntings and mitre10s Kawasaki spare part isle....?

    If its that easy to find one why don't you post a link and be helpful rather than condesending
  8. Well I don't have time to drive around looking for it during the week due to uni so I thought I ask here first to save some time.
  9. okay point taken,i apologize,PEEair you need the proper fairing or bolts that are dedicated for that particular bike or fairing hole support,try Peter Stevens in the city
    they could order you some oem originals.or Kawasaki in Brooklyn Geelong road,i get mine shipped from the U.K. for my cbr their quite cheap oem,it depends how many you need.
  10. Faith in humanity restored. :) good job billit (y)
  11. No worry bullit. I'll probably try out Peter Stevens since that is on the way to uni for me. Thanks. I don't know how happy they are going to be ordering just 1 washer... might have to order a few.
  12. They will order 1 if that is what you need.