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Fairing vs naked / Streetfighter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ghost R1der, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I know this would vary from bike to bike, but any experienced riders out there consider the difference in wind resistance between naked / streetfighter style bikes and faired bikes, say for example but not specifically, contrast the suzuki GSF250 and the Honda CBR250 ??

    Does having fairing improve your ability to hold on and reduce fatigue on prolonged journeys? or is it negligible? Opinions? :?:

  2. Ghost, I'm not experienced but after my first trip on the freeway tonight I have to say that your upper body gets a bit of a buffeting by the wind on a naked bike. If fairings + the usual windscreen result in the wind not bumping around your upper body then I think a faired bike would have to be much more comfortable. I haven't ridden a faired bike so hopefully someone will be able to give you a definitive answer.
  3. Thanks go-team.... what kinda bike you ride?
  4. Ghost Rider, the one in the pic... a VTR250.
  5. I can tell you the difference on the highway between a naked GSF250 and a GSX250S (basically the same bike but with a screen) is very noticeable. Even just the addition of a screen takes a significant amount of wind buffeting off your chest making it much easier to ride at highway speed (and a lot less tiring). Lower fairings are often more to do with aerodynamics and increasing top speed than anything else, although they can help keep more wind (and rain) from hitting you when riding. Having fairings (should) also improve fuel economy although the obvious downside is they can cost a lot to repair/replace.
  6. JD, so you'd say the optional windscreen that Honda make for the VTR could well be a good investment?
  7. Yep, if you're spending a lot of time on the highway then I reckon a screen could well be worth the investment. The reduction in wind hitting your chest not only reduces the effort required to keep your body positioned correctly but it also helps keep you that little bit warmer and drier in the winter time. Of course how well a screen works depends on its design and the height of the rider - I'm sure someone here has fitted a screen to a VTR and could give you a specific answer.
  8. If you do freeways then you'd love a screen.

    I got a cbr250 and on freeways, especially when windy i have to put the chin of my helmet on the tank just to reduce the wind buffeting.

    I know it would seem funny to see me that crouched on a little bike but i find it more comfortable than sitting upright.
  9. I haven't ridden a faired/screened bike but I can say that on my naked Spada the wind buffeting can get tiring if I'm travelling at over 80 km/h for long periods. At 100 km/h you really feel it. I love my bike but I can't wait until I upgrade to something with a screen and fairings so I can go on longer rides without having to think about tiredness from wind.

    If you'll be doing freeways on a regular basis I'd recommend seriously considering a bike with at least a screen.
  10. I ride a naked, but don't really notice the wind up to 160kmh or so.

    I definately miss having a fairing on track days, at high speeds aerodynamics make a massive difference. I found myself unable to accelerate past 225 into a headwind when similarly powerful bikes with slippery fairings were making 30 or 40 kmh more than that.

    Positives for fairings:

    1) High speed aerodynamics make for better top speed, it's like an extra 30 horsepower when you're doing 200kmh.

    2) Faired bikes can keep you much dryer & warmer in bad weather.

    Negatives of fairings:

    1) They're very expensive to fix when you crash, and they break easily.

    2) You don't get as much of a breeze on a hot day

    3) Great high speed aerodynamics can mean you might tend to speed more to get the same feeling of velocity, whereas the extra wind on a naked can help you enjoy yourself more at lower (more legal) speeds.

    4) Light, faired bikes catch a crosswind much more and this can throw learners around a bit.

    5) Most faired bikes have their mirrors mounted to the fairings. Personally I find that handlebar mounted mirrors (such as are found on most nakeds) are much easier to manoever through traffic with.

    So yeah, my reasoning for going with a naked bike still stands. I think that for streetbikes, naked is better - but for the racetrack, fairings are brilliant.
  11. Trust me. When we both LOSE some god dam weight, we'll begin to notice the wind alot more. :LOL:

    Those 50kg tackers riding two fiddys definately have a hard time hanging on. :p
  12. I ride a SPADA.. and my next purchase is goping to be a screen.

    I spend a lot of time on the highway with it and wind at 100Km feels like its going to drag you aff the back.!! I'd say the VTR is very similar.

    0-70 or so is fine but after that I find my self gripping abit harder to stay on. Assuming a GP racing possition helps reduce the area the wind can hit, but does make you look like a wannabe at times.
  13. Having gone from a Spada to an Across the difference is huge. On the Across I can cover 500kms+ a day, where as on the Spada I'd be suffering majorly after just a couple of hundred.
  14. You see i'm in the running for my first (street) bike and i was looking at things like the SZR660 (which has a screen, but these things are rare), a CBR250 (faired, small screen, bloody expensive for what they are) and suzki GSF250 (purely naked). I just can't justify the cost for a CBR250RR when you think about what a '98 R1 costs... just consider that .... newer, less km's, more power ... i think the current price structures are somewhat a reflection of the LAMS laws.

  15. Drew, a screen is worth getting. I just got one fitted to my VTR. I was drooling over a Firestorm while I waited :). The wind was hitting me from just above my bellybutton upwards on the way there. On the way back, I noticed that the wind was hitting at just above my solarplexes. It made no difference to the wind on my arms but its a distinct improvement and that's what I was after. :)
  16. Go Team thinking of doing the same on my bike, where did you get the screen and how much??

    Oh and a photo would be great :grin:
  17. The SZR is a nice bike Ghost Rider but if you can't find one the GSF250 is also a great choice. If you're worried about wind buffeting it should be fairly easy to attach an aftermarket screen, some grey imports may even already have a screen or small fairing fitted since they're readily available in Japan (see links below). You might also be able to source a 2nd hand screen from a wrecker that specialises in grey imports.

  18. Matti, I noticed a big difference (improvement) on the freeway tonight compared to earlier in the week. I've gone from being a bit put off with riding faster than 80km/h to now being fine as I don't feel like I'm going to get thrown off the back if I loosen my grip a little.

    Honda make/sell an optional screen for the VTR250. That's the one I got. It was $168 fitted from the Honda dealer. It attaches to the headlight bracket.

    I'll post a photo if someone can give me a tip/instructions on how to do it. Alternatively, Black Betty has a number of photos of her VTR with a screen (she has a link in her signature).
  19. Ha ... today after maxing out the honda 80CC trailbike (i think its called an xr-80) .... and my friend clocking the speed in his VT (as there is no speedo on the xr80) ..... at 88km/h, i can imagine the wind will get to me after a while.

    Oh, this was all on a private road and perfectly legal of course :grin:

    I think i'm going to look for a faired bike ..... :?

    I do heaps of highway riding, er i mean driving in the course of study and work and i think the wind would really fatigue me (even with leathers on).
  20. On my first ride (mentioned in another thread) on gpx 250 I have to say I didn't notice wind buffeting me at all really - it was a windy day but most of it was crosswind, and it blowing me from side to side, occasionally I turned into it and it was pretty strong but I certainly didn't feel like I was gonna be blown off. I don't have the comparison with a naked bike tho, so I'm probably not makeing a large contribution to this conversation. :)