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Fairing Repairs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by taymaishu, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Looking at a DIY fairing repair job. If I stuff it up, who care, they were going to be replaced anyway so thought i'd give it a crack.

    The side fairings on the ninja are smashed up (amongst other parts) from a few months back.

    Sick of the gaffer, I thought a fibreglass repair could work quite well.

    I know the original fairings are ABS plastic, but would fibreglass be a suitable patch-job? Pretty straight forward to do, but just wanted to know if f/glass would suffice.


  2. I doubt the fibreglass patch would stick to the smooth plastic for long. Abs need to be plastic welded.
  3. plenty of info on youtube. depending on the damage you could melt zipties with a soldering iron. ive never tried this but probably will one day just to see if it works
  4. If you have all the parts and don't need to fashion any pieces yourself then you can use pure acetone to weld ABS plastics together. a small amount melts the plastic so you can rejoin it. Acetone evaporates exceptionally quickly as well so the drying time is minimal.
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    How bad is the damage? I myself have just been fixing some fairings on my zzr following a prang. All I did was make up some liquid ABS plastic - Find some ABS in a suitable colour and melt/dissolve it in a jar of acetone. Can be used to form patches, weld across cracks and be the outer coating (with an epoxy core) for new fairing tabs or mounts. Is awesome stuff. Even if the amount you put on is relatively thick the outer skin of it dries in moments. But.... if you are going to make a mount or a thicker layer (such as a whole new small patch of fairing or a tab), then I suggest using a metal filler epoxy. Dries like a rock in the desired size and shape, can then be simply coated with the liquid ABS and put on the fairing.
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    This is a month late to be useful to the OP, I know, but Q Bond is another option, as describe in another thread. Just used some on a ductail that had a bit (the end above my brakelight) nearly gone entirely. Resultant surface looks very similar to the inside (rough surface) of the black fairing, so it isn't perfectly pretty -not a problem for my dog-eared old viffer- but it can be painted over or covered with ABS as MitchnZara described.

    Hopefully this will eventually help someone :).

    EDIT: Annnd I've just found a rather good thread on TriumphRat.net. It has a part two as well.
  7. best way to finish off the surface is to get the large panel type stickers (racing numbers) and pop them on top of your shoddy workmanship!
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