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Fairing removal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rabbito, May 29, 2010.

  1. I thought it would be a good idea if riders of faired machines post up a how to remove and re-install photo thread. It takes a few minutes to get the camera to see what to look for...and a bit of nerdistry after you finish the job.
    Has anyone got a ..or are willing to do a ..'here's how ya get the plastic off a ...'
    With a few 'watch out for's and for chrissakes dont bend that lil...8-[' =D>:censored:thrown in it would be a very handy giude..especially If you have to take the fairings off for an oil change or to check your plugs.](*,)
    whatchya reckon?

  2. lets see your version 1st :D
  3. Well...erm I would if I could get the fairings off!
  4. my fairings were held on by simple hex key bolts. about 4 or five for memory. They may also be attached at the bottom and behind the front wheel.

    Essentially just undo everything you can see that bolts them to something else.
  5. All I can say, if you own an 09 Blade, never ever try to take the fairings off unless is absolutely necessary. It's like a rubics cube.
  6. There is to many different bikes, and they are all different in the way that they remove the fairings.
    My R1 takes about 2 mins, the zzr1100 , a hell of a lot longer time wise....
  7. You have a hyo?

    As I said, its about 5 hex bolts on each side, plus four screws underneath the bike which connect the two fairings. That may be it, or you may also need to take off another four screws on each side behind the front wheel - I can't remember what they screw in to.
  8. Find a forum that is about your bike and most have a how to section with pictures .. on fairing removal.
  9. has can opener.... willing to travel...
  10. I don't think my camera could take the amount of shots needed to explain...

    I hated removing fairings until I swapped once and for all for race glass!! God bless the simplicity of race glass!
  11. Buy a naked.
  12. General guides for main panels:

    Basic Rule #1: start from the bottom and work up. Don't take the last (top) screw out until you're sure the panel will come away freely. Otherwise the panel is likely to bend around the screw you didn't see next to the sidestand etc.

    Basic Rule #2: Locate and remove the screws or shitful little plastic clips holding the two main panels together at the bottom, and around the front.

    Basic Rule #3: Find and disconnect indicator or other (my Daytona has the reg/rec attached to the main side fairing) wires before you try to pull the fairing panel away.

    Basic Rule #4: Place panels pretty side up, preferably on a blanket or something so they don't get scratched.

    Basic Rule #5: Insert screws (starting from the top) just enough to get the thread engaged until you have all the screws located. Then go back and tighten - not too hard or you'll strip the screw heads.

  13. i've removed the rear panels (i think thats what you call fearings) to remove the tail light, alot of screws but it is a rubixs cube lol
  14. Firestorm was a piece of piss. Had a couple of screws underneath and a few twists of the allan key near the top and voila the whole piece comes off lights and all (gotta remember to disconnect the clocks and lights too as you go but easy). Taking everything apart and putting it together again was probably the only easy thing that that bike ever let me get away with. God bless her... RIP
  15. That's what I mean, a thread..with sticky folders could cover a goodly few machines and be easy to search...I mean ,how hard could it be?
    Gimme a week or four (shift worker) and I'll have something for the GS.