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Fairing/misc bolts and washers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blackjacket, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm missing several nylon washers on my fairing bolts, was wondering where I can get them?

    While I'm there I'd like to replace the fairing bolts (hex head dome) and some bolts around my clipons and levers (hex head) because they are quite tarnished (and one rusted beyond recognition). Where can I get them?

    There was nothing close at bunnings. I live in Burwood, Sydney. I know there are some stainless bolt kits on eBay UK, but I don't know if they include the exact size bolts I need. Besides, I don't need to replace all of them, just a few.


  2. Bikebiz at Parramatta sell Oxford fairing screws and washers. I am at work so don't have the link for their website here.
  3. Look in your local phone book for your nearest specialist bolt shop ('fasteners'). They'll have good quality bolts/nuts/washers/rivets/etc at reasonable prices. So you could replace all your bolts with stainless if you wanted.

    If you want the EXACT thing to match all the rest, then you need to go to your local dealer of what brand you have. Expensive, but you'll only need one at a time because you won't have to replace all the rest to match.
  4. Try Universal Fasteners or Blackwoods.

    Either of these places will have enough nuts and bolts to block out the sun.

    You will need to specify the thread dia, pitch, length, head type and material type of the screws you want matched, or just simply take a sample in with you if you're not confident with the details.

    I'm betting they will have nylon washers to suit as well.
  5. I have a few plastic washers, what size were you after and how many?
    We get them in with the probolt kits import, so I probably have a few lying around if you want them.
  6. Ian: the fairing bolts are M6 I believe... are fairing bolt sizes standard? It's off a Cagiva Mito.

    Blargh, I managed to tap someones mirror and knock my mirror off. :evil:
    There was a bolt holding it in that's now disappeared, so I'm in search of yet another random bolt!

    Blackwoods have what I want, but can I go and pickup from somewhere?
  7. Yeah, I have a few of those. PM me your address and I'll post some over to you.
  8. I dropped by action motorcycles last week and the spare parts guy was kind enough to give me a handful, so I'm good for the moment. Thanks for the offer!