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fairing for 99 CBR900....where to get them?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by blue, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. a friend of mine had a crash this morning. Bike slipped on wet tram lines at about 50Ks and hit a car. He's perfectly allright..just a scratch on the jacket (good investment).

    just wanna know where do you guys replacement fairings for you bikes. I m guessing wreckers won't have them cuz first thing you damage is your fairing when you crash.

    another +1 for liking naked bikes.
  2. Wreckers do have fairings. Try www.findapart.com.au

    Various wreckers will get in contact with you if they have the part you are looking for.

    I know people that have got fairings the right colour with decals from wreckers so your mate might be lucky and not need to paint.

    Otherwise it is to Honda to buy new fairings and decals which you will have to get painted.
  3. We do full replacement fairings kits, cheaper than anything you will get at the wreckers. PM me if you are interested.

    Glad to hear he wasn't hurt.