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Fairing cracks - PVC cement?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dims, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Hey, i tried using a plastic filler that said on the side "can be used for an adhesive" but this came undone pretty easy...Im thinking of maybe using a PVC down pipe cement? Any comments?

  2. Yeah don't do it. Bike fairings are typically made from ABS resin which is very different to PVC - and at least some (possibly all) PVC cements are NOT suitable for use on ABS.
  3. I used some of the cyo based hobby shop glue for model cars and the like. Then sprayed it with a can of the instant drying spray that makes the glue set real fast. It was on the inside of the fairing and worked a treat. Doesn't seem to damage the paint either.
  4. hmm k....yeah not too worried about the paint since im respraying the bike anyway...but yeah, just want something to fix the cracks on the front (it runs about 8cm) and a few smaller ones here n there..

    damaged pics can be seen below :p

  5. Really there's two ways to fix it - either using chemicals or heat. There's products on the market designed for repairing cracks in ABS - or you can make your own by simply dissolving some scrap plastic in a solvent like MIBK (solvent evaporates leaves solid plastic behind :)). Alternatively you can always melt scrap ABS or even a few plastic cable ties into the cracks using something like a butane torch. Both methods require a bit of skill so might be an idea to practice on something else first.
  6. cable ties are usually made of nylon...to answer your question the best way (and only way as far as i am concerned)is to weld it properly
  7. Indeed they are - but the two materials are compatible. In fact ABS resin/nylon "alloys" are quite common. So really using molten nylon to fix ABS is no different to say using molten lead to join copper ;).
  8. and a spade drill bit, heated and bent then drilled is a marvelous way of using ties to plastic weld.

    the point makes the crack in to a groove, and then the bend makes a flat surface with a hole to heat the abs and feed a tie in as you go.
    attached to a soldering iron of course ;)
  9. Ill do it for a six pack if ur in sydney,
    dremel out groves one either side.
    use a heat gun and ABS plastic filler rods to weld it all together.
    Plastic.flexible putty over the top

    Then a sand

    alternativly u can reinforce the pack by molding some scrap abs plastic into shape then glueing it on/ or just pour firberglass mesh and resin over the whole thing.

    Personaly i go with the plastic weld as its the fastest and the result is know staright away,
  10. Hey guys,
    well i used this PVC cement stuff that my old man got from bunnings, worked a gem..I'll get some pics up of it soon so for peoples future reference.
  11. crutch ill give you 100$ to fix my cracks and service my bikes and a 12pack , mums hubby works w.es in a bottleloo , cheaper stuff 4 me ha
  12. crutch reply