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fair wether rider bull

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by whitelighter, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. :idea: took the car to work today as i had a hot date lined up for tonight and on my L's still so no pilion damb law and the boss ttryed to tell me im a fair wether rider so i asked him when he last came to work on his bike to witch he replyed march 20 2006 so i asked when he was oing to ride in next he replyed not sure when it gets warmer so who is the fair wether rider not far king me first time i been off the bike more than 12 hours unless i got the kids :p

  2. I got told I was a fair weather rider today lol by someone who rides a Harley and I havent seen it at work since the temps climbed above 30.I was off it today as the forcast was 50 knot winds and thunderstorms.

    Its been the first time I havent rode to work since august last year.

    All the other riders at work seem to takethe car if there is just a hit of moisture or the temp is below 25.

    When a person rides is their own choice and there is no need to label.I myself like the rain and learnt to ride and passed my test in the rain. 2 years since i got it and I have never looked back and never come off.

    My opinion "do what you think is right for yourself so long as it dont hurt anyone else"
  3. it's pissing down outside and i leave the office in 12 minutes. lucky i got my wet weather gear with me today.
  4. I think it's awesome the way you managed to write that entire post, whitelihter, without inserting a single period or comma!
  5. I lolled :LOL:
  6. Lucky they don't live in Melbourne then! They'd hardly ever be on the bikes!

    I ride in any weather - Might reconsider if there is a cyclone warning or something but with the right gear on you can ride all year round!
  7. As I was scrolling through the posts I was debating how to bring it up in a polite but still humurous way. You have saved me crucial thinking time Van, and for that I thank you.
  8. fair weather, ive been on bikes for33 years, when i was 14 mud was good on th yz, when i was 17 rain didnt matter i was riding to work, when i was 30 i had no choice i had do get there rain hail or shine, i rode home in hail storms,it wasnt real good, i was lifting my visor to make sure i was still in my lane, if you have no choice in riding to work it sucks in bad weather but if your riding because u love riding, put up with the cold and rain just enjoy the ride.
  9. I've been labelled a fair weather biker every now and then too.
    If its just shit house raining or cold out then I will take the car. Its only a ten minute run to work and pretty much straight roads so not the most fun ride anyway.

    The way I figure it Ive got the car which is nice and warm and considerably safer in shit weather...so why not use it.

    Sometimes I also can't be arsed to kit up for a 10 min ride. This coming from a guy at work who hasn't ridden in years. Bastard.

    I also give riding a miss if I'm feeling a bit off or under the weather. I find I lose my concentration enough to start doing silly things and not pay attention to whats goin on around me.

    F&*k em I say, I'm not riding for their benefit and I don't give a fly rats arse what they have to say about it.
  10. if a bike is your only transport you ride it no matter what the weather is doing, thank your lucky stars u have a choice between bike or car , u are lucky or a soft u know what
  11. and im still riding now bastard????????
  12. I am an all-weather rider even though I have a car.
  13. Yeah but how farkin good was todays weather :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I ride everyday, but loved riding today... best winters day I've seen in a while :cool:
  14. Yeah I love the cold weather when the sun is shining. I just got a new pair of ixon winter pants, which keep my toasty warm!! :grin:

    Forcast says it will be similar for the weekend! Here's hoping! :p

    Happy.Grl is starting to get comfy on the new vtr250 so I think a nice long ride is in order! :twisted:
  15. And this is what the police said....

    Van, love the comments! I was exhausted reading the post, find that without punctuation I forget to take a breath!

    Ah, the ol' fair weather biker yarn eh?

    After Saturday's little accident, whilst I was in the ambulance, nice copper Jody comes up and asks:

    "How long you been riding then?"


    "oh, about 23 yrs"


    "Well, what the bloody hell were you doing out in this weather then!?"

    Having contemplated the sore arm, busted bike, damaged gear, I reckon she's got a point!
  16. weather smether. i just got home from work and cant feel my body from the forehead down.
  17. I used to ride to work at 2am in any weather whatsoever in my younger days .

    Nowadays if it's too cloudy looking I find something else to do, haha.
  18. I ride rain, hail or shine. If the bike has something wrong with it it stays home. If there is something on teh bike that may affect the safety of it in suspect weather, it stays home.
    If other people don't like it, they had better say nothing or stay at home!
    I personally don't like heavy rain and gusty wind, but anything else I don't mind, I even actually like riding in the rain, so long as it's not in traffic.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Strong wind combined with rain stops me (sometimes).

    Especially if my tyres need replacing...
  20. Well said...I totally agree. :grin: