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Fair Price...?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Danny_D, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I am a newbie and have been scouring the web to figure out what is the best option for my first bike.
    I am thinking of at least 400cc or bigger....not because I want speed or power straight away but because:-
    1. I don't really want to have to upgrade from a 250cc as soon as I am off my restrictions.
    2. I am 6'1'' and pretty leggy..!
    3. I live in country vic and most of my riding will be on the hwy.
    4. I want a bike that I can modify over time to my own taste and not have outgrown it by the time I get it the way I want it.

    Ok so I wanted your thoughts on what would be a reasonable price to pay for the following bikes as I would ideally like something supercheap that I can then invest in over time.

    Assume that all these bikes are in good running order but need a bit of TLC..!

    Honda CX500
    Honda CL450 Scrambler
    Kawasaki GT550
    Suzuki GS650
    Yamaha SR400
    Yamaha SR500
    Yamaha XS650


  2. I assuming you are looking at these, so you can save some money and have a bit of a project.

    My opinion of all of those is that they will all be priced well above their true value. Bike parts are very expensive. You will pump so much money into keeping them on the road, you may as well bought a new bike. 15 years ago maybe, but not these days.

    of your points above, 2 & 3 are fair enough, but on point 1, you will still want to upgrade and on point 4, you will struggle to see the value when the time comes. This isn't the US, where you can pick up bargains of Craiglist.

    of all those, the GS650 is probably the most realistic. The CX is becoming rare, the GT is too old, both SRs are well overpriced, thanks to DUES and the like and XS is almost non-existant in Aus and even when you do find one, you may as well get a new GS500.
  3. I say don't pump cash into one of those bikes. Get a cheap one as u will want to flick it as soon as u get that "R" on your licence and realise that u are now allowed to ride bikes with 3 times the power of the bike u currently own. Save your $ for your 1000 ;-)
  4. A GSX650 is good for a tall rider, cruises easliy on the highway, and you can derestrict it simply if you choose to do so (but it won't be a legal LAMS bike or normal GSX650 if you do without going through approval and reregistration).
    I've finished my restrictions and am going to trade or sell mine. It's been an excellent bike.
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    If you get a sr500 under $10k you will be doing well. Or it will be a pos.

    Get a dr650 and mod it into a road bike/flattracker.

    Eveything else is too old unless you have been working on dirt bikes as a kid
  6. He means the 80s gs650.
  7. Why not buy a relatively new cb400 and pretend it's an 80s bike?
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  8. Get a Gs500 and be done with it
  9. What would you mod that into?
  10. Oh, I didn't know about those. My mistake.
  11. A Gs500 ultra. You could paint it, put dildos on the tank. whatever you want
  12. Hey thanks for your responses.

    Yeah I was talking about the 80's GS650.
    The idea is to have a bit of a project so i can learn a bit as i go.

    I have seen these bikes listed for around the following prices and was wondering if any stand out as a good deal...?

    Honda CX500 - $3,500-5,000 (Bike Sales) Around $1000 (EBay with 5days left)
    Honda CL450 Scrambler -$6000 -$7000
    Kawasaki GT550 - $1,750 (Ebay)
    Suzuki GS650 - $6,000 (BikeSales) $400 (Ebay apparently running maybe not)
    Yamaha SR400 - $7,000 - 10,000 (BikeSales) $4,000+ on ebay
    Yamaha SR500 - Similar to the sr400's
    Yamaha XS650 - $4,000-6,500 (Bikesales) $2,000-5,000 on ebay
  13. I would buy the CX if I wanted a project. A cafe racer like this, would be cool

    Though it is a lot of work, have a google and see what you are up for.

  14. did you read the 3.5-5k bit? Fark me, I wouldn't have paid that for one new, let alone one with 30 years of problems bashed into it.
  15. There is not much choice in the list, any good bike to mod is now either been fcuked by Deus already or some other hack.

    Out of the choices I would go the CX. A DR650 modded into a flattracker would be more sensible as you could get one with 25000kms for $3-4k and only 5 years old.
  16. The idea of filling up a container in the US, from Cragilist and dumping it in Australia actually has reasonable financial merit at the moment.
  17. You should have done that when the dollar was at $1.10. Though I don't think the yanks like their small bikes, I doubt there would be anymore there than here. They don't have learner restrictions.