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fair price for steering head bearings?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by zoot, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Whats a fair price to get your steeruing head bearings replaced on a 94 Fireblade? I have been quoted about $400 & want to know if this seems right.

  2. $400!? mostly gonna be labour charges.
    I think the part cost like $20 or something. (don't quote me)

    I got mine done for $220+ on a Hornet 250. It should be cheaper if you remove the fairings from your blade.

    would recommend you get another quote.

    what's your location?
  3. Yeah I reckon its too much. Im Camperdown, inner city Sydney. I might but the parts myself & just get it done. I reckon $400 is way tooo much.
  4. The biggest part of that price is labour. But that's also the most variable. You might find someone who will do it for $50 less, but I wouldn't want to try cheaper parts.
    Try offering to remove the fairings like im.on.it says, and see what discount that will get you.
  5. Honda use a proprietary tapered roller bearing in a weird size you can't get from a normal bearing supplier. They use it for all their bikes, I'm pretty sure. About $60 a pair from memory.

    As to the job itself, it's a bit of a pain but well worth the effort. I've done it on a fair few bikes now, it takes a bit of time. Jack the front up, get the fairings off, wheel off, forks out, top triple off and the bottom should slide out with the steering stem on it.

    The bit on the lower end of the steering stem can be a motherf*cker to get off, as can the bearig races inside the frame tube. The CBR250RR has a few little recesses you can use to knock those inner races out, maybe the fireblade has something similar.

    You use the old bearing races to knock the new ones in.
  6. Hey.

    I was quoted $300 recently to replace the bearings on my ZZR600. The bloke said that about $95 of that is parts.

    I've done it plenty of times before, but I just don't have the inclination to do it any more. Most of the time it's a breeze, then occasionally you fine you need to cut the lower bearing out and the whole process becomes a time-burning pain in the arse.

    Not that I'm swimming in it, but I'd rather pay someone that waste my precious weekend time. $400 does sound a bit rich, though.

    And yeah, take the clothes off your bike before you take it in to the shop...

  7. I've been given a rough price of around $260 for my bike.

    I'm prepared to accept that they're worn, but I can't detect any symptoms when I'm riding. And the bars turn smoothly enough when I put the bike on the centrestand and lift the front wheel.

    So I'm not in too much of a hurry.
  8. The bearings on my bike felt a tiny bit notchy - in my experience, they have a limited life span before they get that way, simply because the bike spends most of its time with the nose pointed in the same direction, so vibes and bumps wear a notch in just one place.

    What really opened my eyes to it was the first time I sat up with my hands off the bars to have a stretch. I was just slowing down, coming in to the outskirts of an Adelaide Hills town. Thought I'd work some of the kinks out of the old back, sat up, hands off the bars like I'd done hundreds of times before...and the bike tried to kill me.

    It went from a headshake to a violent slap in a hearbeat, and the bars were moving some much I only just saved it. Close call.

    Of course the steering had "taken a set" and now required constant minor input from me to stay true - the moment I took that away, it slapped.

    Nasty stuff. I wonder if it had killed me would the cops at the scene had discovered that it was the bearings (alright...my lack of maintenance) that did it, or would they just have blamed speed?

    (apologies for the hijack...)

  9. You live in Camperdown, you get reamed. Such is inner city life.
    You pay lots of rent don't you? What makes you think the workshop pays less?
    Constantly amazed that people who don't know how to do something themselves whinge when a mechanic tries to make a living.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. gee wiz these prices are varied.

    I got bearings for my cbr250 replaced a month ago for $80.
  11. Umm typhoon person, I am not whingeing about people making a living, just using the vast resources of the internet to get the best price & find out other peoples experiences, isn't that what we are all doing here. The 400 quote was no where near the inner city but closer to where i work, maybe 50 K's away.

    And as for rent, I moved into a new place 3 weeks ago, 3 bedroom house for $280, private rental, great landlord, only half the normal bond, couldn't be happier. :grin:
  12. And also the peole who quoted 400 also seem to have been mentioned numerous times on this baord by assorted posters as a "rip off" . So maybe not everyone is just trying to "make a living" :LOL:
  13. Go zoot!

  14. SO, how many hours do you think it will take? I'd say 3-4 hours including removing your fairingas etc.
    So, there's $210-280 straight away.............
    Have you considered that the people who have offered you prices may have naked bikes or got mate's rates? Example, that $80 price barely covers parts and 30 mins labour.......
    I don't consider teh price a rip off at all, that is, if you want a quality job by an actual tradesman, who will offer an actual warranty.
    Learn to do it yourself, then get back to us on how expensive mechanics are.
    Regards, Andrew.