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Failing the MOST!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mon_4u2c, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hey what happens if you fail the MOST test?

    I've heard that you get to re-do the part you failed in a week later? and i've heard you have to re-do the whole test again?

    NSW - Campbelltown

  2. You have to do the whole test agin, not earlier than 7 days later. I did mine on Monday, it was a doddle IMHO. All I would recommend is practice the low speed stuff, U turn, weave, hard L turn etc, Headcheck, headcheck headcheck...
  3. you have to do the test again but you don't have to do the course all over again.
  4. About the 7 days thing, when I did mine at St Ives HART, I got the idea they'd shifty it and let me do it the next day if convenient.
  5. ^^^^ Yep same at campbelltown, they said you can come back and just do the bit you failed the next day.
  6. ok cool thanks guys hopfully i'll pass first go... booked for 5th May at campbelltown
  7. well good luck and hope you pass :p