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NSW Failing blueslip inspection

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by daedalus, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. if i fail blueslip at one mechanic can i just goto another one? [NSW] (cracked fairing)

    reason i ask is that my bike has cracked fairings. my mechanic says he can guarantee me a blueslip if i do my service (for other minor repairs) through him, however i can easily do those repairs myself, but then i would have to go to a blue slip mechanic and he MIGHT fail me.

    therefore i am factoring in the risk of failing in deciding whether or not i should pay my mechanic just to guarantee passing a blueslip.

    my question is : if i goto a blueslip mechanic (car one of course so he wont know much about bikes) but he fails me because of a cracked fairing, can i just goto another one and keep trying until someone passes me?

    my fairings are only slightly cracked, hence my current mechanic can arrnge a guaranteed blueslip without repairing the fairing

  2. Yes you should be able to, i had a mechanic with the car this year try and tell me he couldn't pass it unless i let him do work on my power steering unit he claimed was leaking, he also said i had to bring it back to him to pass it even if i did the work myself now that he had lodged the e safety slip report.He was a liar and is getting a bad name locally for add ons. I just went down to another mechanic who passed it handed me the es afety slip and i registered it a day later
  3. Your life depends on your bike being roadworthy, don't try shortcuts.

    Doesn't matter weather the mechanic is car or bike orientated, a check-list is followed either way.

    If an inspector starts a slip and ends up failing the vehicle, then a couple of weeks later the station copy has to be sent to rta, real bugger if you have taken the vehicle elseware and got it passed, the second inspector will get a very serious "please explain" and your vehicle called in to rta for a though inspection.

    One or the other inspectors will end up in the deep brown stuff and you may end up with a "de-registerd" vehicle. (and defiantly a black name around the trade if you happen to live in a small town)

    As said by waedwe a slip dependent on the inspector doing the work is illegal
  4. this in NSW? i forgot to add that i am in NSW

    as for my "safety", my mechanic has already forced me to buy a new mudguard because my old one was cracked. the only thing left to fix on my bike is the minor cracks on my fairings. i really doubt that would affect my safety.

    what about going to the blue slip guy and asking him to inspect it before he starts the official process? can someone else post with their experience, in particular with cracked fairings?
  5. reason i ask is that my bike has cracked fairings. my mechanic says he can guarantee me a blueslip if i do my service (for other minor repairs) through him, however i can easily do those repairs myself, but then i would have to go to a blue slip mechanic and he MIGHT fail me.

    That sounds like coercion to me, if not extortion. He might be desperate for business, but holding you to ransom for your inspection certificate is a bit over the odds, in my opinion.
  6. i had to get a written off car (hail damaged) roadworthied. my mechanic doesn't do roadworthies at all so went somewhere - it failed on a couple of points (nothing shocking or unprepared for) and they wanted to do the work. I didn't trust them (and I have a mechanic I trust which is something I'm holding on to) something they said. So I made an appt to come back and have it rechecked. my mechanic fixed and rang the roadworthy people and they signed off - not happily because they didn't get it done their way but it got done. and happy happy - i got my sister a reliable good car (albeit hail damaged) for under a grand (can't remember exactly) and she now has her license - yay
  7. I'm assuming blue slip is just the usual yearly rego inspection when you are already registered? As that is what i was talking about with the e safety check online that they lodge, it allows you to complete the regestration without going to the rta when you have to renew
    A few people said to me they thought you would have to go back to the original guy, but i reckoned that couldn't be the law because as hornet stated you are then pretty much liable to blackmail, any shonky mechanic could say i have to rebuild your gearbox and you have to pay me or i will put in a fail and you can't go anywhere else now i have lodged a form.
  8. Nope different things i'm talking in my case about the old pink slips, now known as e safety checks, blue slip i am not sure the laws sorry
  9. can you just take your fairing off?
  10. =D> the "Lateral Thinking" award of the week :LOL:.
  11. Taking the fairing off might work,as long as the mounts dont protrude and are sharp or pointy,knocking you back for a cracked fairing unless its about to shatter and go under the wheels is complete BS,this bloke is looking to line his pockets,thats the flaw in the system now that its been privatised,but at lest most are less anal,not your bloke,than the old days at the pits,RTA inspection.My bloke is very reasonable,countesses but fair.
  12. i asked, he said no as the bike was designed for a fairing

    nah he didnt insist he do the work, just said that if he did it he can guarantee me a blueslip. so im deciding whether its worth it just for the guaranee because if it fails elsewhere there will be alot of hassle
  13. Are you able to do that yourself if it is so minor and you have the time? I've seen threads here in the past about fixing fairings.
  14. you used to be able to do this before the internet age, now if they fail you it goes toa central system across NSW so you are now marked as a failure and will need to get everythign fixed before going to any other mechanic, unless you can find a dodgy one.
  15. Lies? Theres at least one person on this forum with a 'fighter. Considering that the fairings don't act as a crash barrier, I can't see how this could possibly be a problem.

    Also Revhead; are you sure? That wouldn't make much sense from a point of consumer choice of repairer. The place I get my rego done is seldom the place I would get actual repairs done.