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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hugbear, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. i went for my learners today and failed, due to not being steady with low speed manouvering. this has really disappointed me and put me off riding. Has anyone else every experienced this. Also just could not get the turns and the manouvering to put pressure on the bars the way you want to go, just could not get the avoidance manouvre

  2. I failed my first test, stalled on the Left Turn and Normal Stop test.

    Give yourself a day or to to realise that everyone stuff's up now and then and then make a booking to go for the course again - When you go back just tell the instuctor that you have a problem with it and get some extra practice during the day.
  3. Everyone is unsteady at slow speed in the beginning- it is one of the hardest aspects of riding.

    Gosh, if you really want to ride don't let a small thing like this stop you.
    Try, try again!

    For the first six months of riding I used to dry wretch EVERY time I had to get on the bike, but I wanted it so bad.

    Now it is the greatest passion in my life.

    'Failure is delay- not defeat
    It is a detour- not a dead end street.' :wink:
  4. dont give up!
    you will have less nerves next time, and a better knowledge of what is expected of you :)
  5. Practice your low speed riding more. It's the hardest riding to master. Go out and practice it for 30 mins a day in a carpark.
    No shame in not passing first time, just do it again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. good on ya for going I say...you will be fine next time
  7. You failed means you are deemed not safe enough to go on the road alone yet. Thank the instructor for saving your life, go and practice the skills you were lacking, and try again. :wink:

    I too failed my first attempt at getting a motorcycle licence, no big deal.
  8. If someone fails its usually because of stress and trying too hard. Just try to relax next time - and maybe go for a private hour of tuition before you go for it again, so you're feeling confident.
  9. There is only three things you need to do before going for that test again. That is practice, practice and practice.
  10. Best thing to do is to get back on the bike.

    The slow ride is a PITA, it nearly cost me my L's too :)
  11. Bad luck mate. It only means you're not up to scratch YET. With a bit of practice I'm sure you'll be fine.
    The only time I'd say walk away would be if you were not committed in the first place. When riding you need to be committed because there are a lot of safer ways to get around.
    You either want to ride or you dont and if you dont there is no shame in saying so.

    Good luck with whatever you do.
  12. Question: If a person fails their L's, how are they supposd to go out and practice beforehand.

    The key is to relax. You need to be relaxed. Grip the tank with your legs and keep your arms/back relaxed.

    Dont get too disheartened, a lot of people actually fail their L's. The slow speed riding isn't easy if you are not used to it. How were you going in the all practices sessions on hte day. Was it a case of doing ok on the day, but struggling as they tested you?

    Persist because when you can actually get out there on the open road/twisties, you will be so glad you did.
  13. Note I said IN A CARPARK.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I would suppose practice in a carpark is still illegal if you have no L's. Given that the Pre-L's course is over 2 days and you need no experience, I suppose you don't need to practice but it sure makes me nervous thinking about having to learn everything in 2 days and then be tested on it.
  15. yes, yes, yes.
    i am not going to quote posts above, but it is all relative to what is available to the end user.
    i, for one, learnt to ride and control a bike on a farm. lucky me.
    others participate in HART or similar courses to help them become competent.
    the biggest issue is not to be in a hurry to get out on the road, and to be ready enough so that when you do get out there that the risk of becoming a statistic....is as controlled as it can be.
    find the courses/other avenues for practice and do it.
    the last thing you want is to bluff your way through and get hurt :)
    where there is a will, there is a way ;)
  16. Do you need to do a riding test for your learners now?
  17. +1. Where I did it, at HART, there was an option to pay $60? to have 1-on-1 tuition for an hour to hone in on weaknesses. An hour doesn't sound like long, but 1 of the others who did her Ls with me failed 1st time around, then did the tuition and it made an incredible difference.

    Another HART story was when they did the free Try-It sessions. They lasted a couple of hours and got us into 1st gear to give us a taste for riding. I almost got kicked out, I was so bad! They were actually discussing it :oops: . I think they let me stay was coz I was wearing all the gear and they figured I couldn't hurt myself too badly at those low speeds. I felt like I had no riding skill at all and that perhaps I shouldn't go on to do my Ls, but I had such a desire. I kept picturing myself riding... so I went for it. Next time I wasn't great, but so much better. I don't know what was wrong that 1st day, but I'm glad I persisted.

    If you want to ride, don't let lack of skill stop you. Just make sure you get help and practise like crazy so that you are skilled.
  18. I came pretty close to failing my L's. Took me a few goes to get that left turn stop right. Ive only driven autos so the clutch was my problem(not actually using it, more thinking about it too much and stuffing something else up). I just kept going round that corner and having to put my foot down. The guy wouldnt let me pass until i could do it.

    I did it with a bit more throttle than previous attempts and it kept my balance. The instructor gave me the thumbs up and I didnt go around and try it again, incase i stuffed it again.

    I've got myself a 1994 gpx250R 31,000kms on the clock. $1200
    Its from a wreakers and unrego-ed. Gonna have to go throw in on the back of a ute this weekend. All it needs is a front right indicator and its good to go.
    Cant wait to get out on the back streets ^_^
  20. Oh, i should have mentioned that i took my mates father with me. He's a mechanic by trade and has been riding since he was 16. We will make sure its perfect, dont you worry.