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failed wet weather gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kine, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. G'day,
    Just curious as to others opinions on their wet weathers they have invested in! Do they 100% work for you or have they failed you. I have bought RST wet weathers, replaced twice! still leaked. Invested in Dainese, both times have leaked! I do a lot of riding with work and need something to keep me dry and protected ie knee/hip pads etc. any suggestions!!

  2. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that there's no such thing as "waterproof"
    I call my jacket "Dririder my ar$e"...
  3. Only item I've had that's been 100% waterproof is my el cheapo r-jays wet weather pants, I think they were $90. I'm not endorsing r-jays though as their jacket has started to leak more and more in the arms and I would now consider it less waterproof than my alpinestars jacket and thats a summer jacket with a liner.

    Maybe do a search of Australian Road Rider, I remember they did a few articles testing how waterproof boots and gloves were and think other editions were meant to test other gear.

    There is another test but this is for jackets and pants

  4. Funny you should raise this today! Melbourne has had two drenchings today. Both times I was out in it and both times the gear failed, leaving be dripping. Now, this has happened before (similar extreme conditions) but in between times it has worked just fine.

    I think a lot of breathable gear works okay up to a certain level and then it just can't cope.
    Next strategy is layers: breathable waterproofs for ordinary rain, solid non-breathable outer layer as well for biblical deluges. That has worked for me in the past.
  5. My motorbike specific so called wet weather gear isnt very water proof at all, its nothing but a glorified drizzle proof pants/jacket. Im going to look for a proper waterproof workmans gear. Those guys working on roads in the middle of winter/summer and torrential rain must be doing something right.
  6. Thanks, will try that next winter for sure.
    How do Queenslanders handle the tropics? Can't be too comfortable in the rain and heat?
  7. Queensland is shit when humid and rainy... we've had rain for the last few days and it sucks.
  8. So, vents open and soap-up before you leave?
  9. Mine is good, Motodry.
    Its a full body suit, and as long as i have put it on properly (ie no folds or creases and all the flaps are sitting right), i stay dry.
    What i dont yet have are waterproof boots... or gloves... or neck... so i tend to get a bit wet in those areas.
    Oh, my new helmet is awesome, not a single drop of water came in after i managed to close all 6 vents.
  10. I have the pants and they're the best I've found (wish they had a pocket for my work ID though!) - do you overheat in the full-body (hurricane?) suit?
  11. I find the material around the waist of my Dryrider gets nice and wet. This isn’t to bad when riding, but once I get off the bike, I get a nice wet gut because the liner doesn’t go all the way to the bottom on the jacket. The same happens with the cuffs because my gloves don’t fully cover them.

    My wet weather pants where ok until I split the seam while getting on the bike. I had to do a office repair job and stapled them back together. I am thinking of giving the remaining seams a spray with a tent silicone spray.

    In Bris, if I put my wet weather gear on and it doesn’t rain … I get soaked in sweat.
  12. I bought DriRider Summit Pro pants and jacket from Bargain Bike Bits, and I'd say that they're 95% waterproof. Over a number of hours in really wet weather, the waterproof lining let some water through the right side of the chest into the thermal lining - which soaked it up and kept my shirt dry.
  13. Hard to find good wet weather gear.
    Best I have had is cheap crap from Amart all sports. It was soccer wet weather training gear. Hot as hell but water proof. And it folded up to nothing, soI could put it inder my back brace in my jacket. Cost me $20 for jacket and pants. Nice brite red eeek.
    Aussie post wet weather gear is ok if you keep the waterproof spray up to it. Goes for most of wet weather gear. If you wash them or they are old it breaks down. Just get a new can and spray away.
    If you have the big bucks then go the good shoite...Gortex.
  14. It's the shizzle but lol - I bought a pair of Dainese "double-cuff" Gortex gloves to combat the Dririder cuff problem mentioned above, and they work a treat.
    Trouble is, by the time I got the first one on (Right first) I'm sweating like a pig and so frustrated I'm ready to pack the whole thing in.
    If any member in the Sydney area wants them (size M, worn twice), they're all yours.
    I'm serious.
  15. I'll take 'em for Wifey.
  16. I rode through a pretty severe storm early in November while on a road trip. Outcome:

    Son was wearing an RST 1 piece rain suit - he was dry when we arrived. I've since bought another set and been dry too.

    My Bikers Gear Textile pants - fantastic. Was dry underneath. (leather jacket didn't do so well lol)

    This was a storm where we pulled off the side of the road - along with 20-30 other cars and trucks - all with lights on and hazard lights flashing. Visibility was near nil - it was a sudden storm that hit like a cloud burst.

    My other "wets" is my RJays set - Explorer jacked and all season pants. The liners have always worked and worked well. Very happy with them.

    Gloves - not worried about them in spring / summer.

    Boots - for the first 2 years kept my feet dry. Since the storm in November they're letting more water in. Falco Axis - I'd get them again tho.
  17. Received and replied.
    Cheers NiteKreeper.
    :wink: (y)
  18. I have two Dri-Rider jackets..the Alpine 2 gold series and the Highlander..the series two will leak at the front zipper..eventually. The Highlander,which is a better jacket will let water in from the back of the neck..again if you are out in it for long periods. One day Dri-Rider will combine all of the features of all the jackets they have sold and they will nail it.

    I have a pair of RST pants that are toasty warm...but in heavy rain after an hour they will let water in around the Jatz crackers;that's where the elastic is that stops you injuring yourself as you swing a leg over.
    This is cured with a 15 dollar pair of 'Rainbird' placcy dax to fit under them...you shouldn't have to but you do what it takes.

    For cold rides I'm using AGVsport gloves with goretex and thinsulte...they work..again to a point, they will soak through in torrential rain.Not counting the use of plastic over-gloves I have not had leather gloves that will stay dry in heavy rain.

    The boots I'm using are Dri-Riders..for 130 bucks they are a bargain. I've had them for a month..or just over 2000 kms of glorious Melbourne weather..I'm impressed with there performance for the price.

    I have to say that wet weather gear has come a long way from the trusty 'Bell-staff' waxed cotton rain gear or the other choice was your leather jacket with a poncho made from garbage bags over the top and newspapers stuffed underneath.
  19. Ive got a pair of rjays vector wet weather pants that I throw over my Draggins, they do a decent job except because the waist is low on them the water can drain off onto my stomach. I also have Rjays winter pants and jacket I got years back, the jacket leaks really badly but the pants are ok. I also have an RST mesh jacket that is suprisingly good with ther liner in.
    next year im going to hunt some decent gear though