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failed roadworthy

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Chrisco7689, May 16, 2008.

  1. oi get this, i bought a 98 suzuki across as is for $950, it failed roadworth (QLD) no big surprise there.

    the big surprise came from the quote to fix it up to standards

    in mackay we only have two places that work on motorcycles.

    BB is about as usefull to a condom vending machine at sunday school.

    so left me with honda (did ring BB for quote never got back to me)

    well any way wat needed to be fixed u say.

    fork seals $27.50
    Rear Brake Pad $25.50
    Stearing head Bearing $30.00
    LABOR $375 (ish)

    be nice to say well fudge u i am going somewhere else, but there is no where else to go

    i would do it myself but i am a chef i am no mechanic lol

    but hey still got a 98 suzuki across witjh 26k on clock for under $1500

    well rant over
  2. Fork seals: 1 hour
    Steering head bearings: 1 hour (the forks are out already to do the seals)
    Brake pads: 10 minutes

    And that's if we were doing it at spanner night, bodging tools and f*ck-arsing around, not by a pro mechanic.

    You're being rogered. Give dirty_trx a yell, he's up in Brissy and he can probably show you how to do the spannering for easy jobs like these.
  3. Agree, you are being rogered.

    But I think Brissie may be a bit of a hike, I'm pretty sure Sydney is closer to Melbourne then Mackay to Brissie, unless I missing something :?
  4. lol they must pull out the forks to sdo the seals then put it back, do the brakes and then pull out the forks again for bearings

    wat can i say, i really have no choice

    at the end of it least i still got this



    for $1700 after all repairs and registered
  5. Looks in pretty good condition
  6. that's a high-ish but not unfair quote for labour
    at least your parts weren't too expensive

    nice bike and you got it pretty cheap anyway
  7. That's within the ballpark of a fair price considering location and the work involved and the age of the bike.

    Why else would you have got the Across for $900....
  8. If only I lived nearer!!!

    Hope you get it resolved soon, looks a cool bike

  9. buy the parts, do the work yourself...
  10. or, we could try something novel and use webcams!
  11. JD as it says in the original post i am a chef not a mechanic

    i havent got a work bench i havent and wouldnt no wat oil i need for the forks and wouldnt have a clue o how to remove them.
  12. You could always offer a free meal to any NR members in the area willing to do the work for you.
  13. So you actually had to pay someone a reasonable sum of money to repair the bike? What do you get paid a week? I assume as a chef, you're not exactly poor. I bet the mechanic has a whinge when you try and charge $15 for a souffle..........why are you allowed to make a decent income, but a mechaic is not? It's just spinning spanners right, just like cooking shit is like mashing ingredients together. :LOL:
    You ended up with a cheap bike that looks half decent.
    Here's a tip, if you don't like paying people money to work on your bike, don't buy used bikes or learn to do it yourself. Go spend $9k and get something new....wait, that's a lot more than what the bike cost you yeah?
    Or maybe you bought into the bikes are cheap to run myth?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. An 98 Across for $1500 is a bargain. I would be happy if the roadworthy was so little.
  15. Here's what I reckon, i reckon you got a fairly decent bike dirt cheap, and i also think that "getting reamed" depends on who's saying it. for example a guy who is a genius on the tools and knows exactly what to do to the bike and its components and can do everything his or her self, will most definitely say you are being reamed as in their eyes, if they were to pay that...... well they wouldnt pay that so you get my point.

    Now I can basically do a lot of this stuff myself BUT to be honest, you have no idea what your doing so the best idea would be (in my opinion and it will probably be shot down in flames by keyboard warriors) is to get the good "well known and respected" mechanic to run an eye over it and fix it and basically charge you a bit more cause he thinks he can, but you know and have every confidence that you are now starting AFRESH, from square one. THEN look into learning a bit and doing it yourself and asking how to do things. SO in the end yes you may be paying 50 -100 bucks more but do it just the once and be completely confident that its all good.

    happy riding dude!
  16. Hey Chrisco7689 , just pay the man. And when you grow up to be a big time chef in a major city you can charge $375 for a fish platter.
    Don't get me wrong ,I'm on your side here,fuggn mechanics they know how to charge.
    But i shouldn't talk, im a tradesman ,you should see what i charge the punters ,whoa baby! :shock: What goes around will eventually come around. :)
  17. thanks guys booked it in this tuesday

    oh and just to let u no as a commis chef (straight from apprenticeship)
    we get put onto a salary of 35k a year on a 38hr week, and if u knew anything about cheffing u normally do about 65+ hours a week( thats if no one calls in sick) but hey i love it thats why i do it
  18. Here's a tip for ya when going for a roadworthy. Always leave a couple of simple & easy to fix things wrong with the bike. Such as a blown indicator globe/brakelight or a worn tyre. That way the tester has something to pick on without getting too carried away trying to find something exotic/expensive to fix to make himself feel happy about taking your 60 bucks off you :grin: :grin:
  19. never thought about that lol
  20. There is.Your hands...I started doing my own work thirty odd years ago.Done a few stuffups,but thats part of learning.
    But those prices seem fairly normal for here...It still a cheap bike.Enjoy.