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Failed Riding Test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wally, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Hi i just got back from my MOST test, i failed it using my Hyosung GT250R, just cant do that cone weave and U turn](*,), i was just wondering if any one new about any practise areas around newcastle? Apparently there is painted lines at Ausgrid Stadium carpark in Broadmeadow?

  2. calling our Newcastle Netriders; a regular Saturday Learners' session might be in order :)
  3. I’d definitely be in for a regular Saturday session :)

    Sorry to hear that Wally :(
    If I spot anywhere that will work for practicing, I’ll let you know. I need to pull my socks up and do a bit more practice on the U-turn myself, so am always on the lookout for somewhere to practice.

    A mate of mine is going to help me mark it out in our carpark at work so I can practice at lunchtime. Might be worth looking into for you if you have somewhere suitable?
  4. Ride on down to Sydney one Sunday or even if you have family/friends ride down on the Sat arvo and stay overnight if you dont want to do a return trip in one day...

    I plan on coming up one Sunday down the track to practice before my MOST and I'll probably just stay with my grandparents overnight!

    If not get some chalk, spray paint and tape measure and mark up a deserted car park yourself!
  5. that would be awesome if a saturday session would happen, good thing is i only have to do the MOST test again not all the other riding training. It doesn't bother me really, but another dude had the unfortunate mishap of doing the emergency stop for the first time in the rain and slid out. If I could get help from someone I would be very thank full.
  6. I recommend hiring a smaller bike for the test. The test is simple on a CBR250 (passed the MOST a few weeks ago). Trust me, i have a Hyosung GT250R too.
  7. seriously, the u-turn and cone weave with these bikes are silly...
    I'd say hire a bike for the test, no point in making it really hard for yourself. I couldn't do the u-turn on my bike and the cone weave was about 50% of the time. Hired a CB250 and nailed both 100% of the time.

    Practising the skills on your own bike is good but to make the test easier for yourself and just hire another...
  8. I agree with Kargo. CB250 is a piece of piss to throw around.
  9. Well thats one off my options, they have a CB250 to hire for $50, considering doing that.
  10. Would do it with you guys, but i just moved in june :p!

    Best advice i can give you is ride it like you stole it.
    The biggest trick with the cone weave really is no different to any other corner - start wide and finish narrow, give yourself room to move. Look through the cones where you want to go and not where your front wheel is. If you take the cone in the wrong place to start with, you are lost - you have no room to correct so you have to give yourself every chance you can.

    As for the u turn, essentially the same deal. Crank that head right around and look where you want to go, lean the bike right over, but in this case keep your body and especially head upright. Takes confidence, and the only way you can get it is practice.

    In both cases you need to give the bike plenty of revs, but control your speed with the clutch. Funnily enough, more revs gives your bike more stability when doing this stuff. If not in actual fact, it sure as hell feels like it :p.

    For my part i kept messing up the practice sessions from nerves, then did the MOST itself and blitzed it no prob. It clicked in my mind 'now or never!' Since then the real learning began. Now ive finally got myself a thou, and will be learning all over again myself ;).
  11. Where's Wally ha ha. Cant believe no one has said it.
    Now Wally ask yourself this. You own a GT250. Your gunna be riding a GT250.
    A dead roo comes out from under the truck in front of you.
    Your fifty meters down the road and forgot your wallet.
    WTF are ya gunna do then ????
    Mr Messy gave you it. And do it on your own bike ya pussy !!! FFS
    Cone weaves.
    Make the cone the end of your turn and not the start. That leaves you plenty of room to manouver for the next.
    Just before you approach the cone your eyes should already be on the next one.
    Keep your eyes level. (and from having trouble with these two things mate your eyes are stuffed. They are not level and you are not using them. Turn your head well before you turn the bike. I'm betting you are a dial watcher too)
    U Turn
    As above
  12. Re: cone riding:
    I find that the trick is to actually ride it like you were riding in a straight line. Don't approach on an angle. Just approach slightly to the left or right of the first one.
    Then, as that cone passes your front tyre, push right on the bars to flick it in.
    Then, push left to straighten and tip in left, etc etc
    Key is to think of it as riding straight, with a few flicks in between.
    Bike size shouldn't matter: I slalom just fine on my Beast.
  13. I agree with Bretto. If you can’t do it on the bike you will be riding day to day, why bother doing it at all.
    I’m lucky in that I am a big guy, and throw my Intruder 250 around like it is a toy :D
    So the cone weave is pretty easy to me. I don’t really have any tips for you because as I said, I man-handle my bike around the cones. I can do the U-turn no problem, but just need more practice as sometimes I still run a bit wide.
    One tip I was given by a mate is to position my body right up tight against the tank and tuck the knees right in. Seems to help me
  14. print the MOST off the website, get some cones, tin cans, bottles whatever, find a rarely used car park and practice til you get it right. Me and a friend did this for a month twice a week and passed easily
  15. Hey guys I see everyone saying do the test with the cbr250. Would I get in much strife if I did in my Ninja 250R?
  16. Hehe, this made me chuckle :D

    But seriously the swerve on the hyo's isn't an issue if you're talking at speed. If you were talking about a dead roo splattered all over the road that needs riding around. Well, the roo won't care if he puts a foot down on the road while negotiating it ;)

    Im not saying dont practise on your own bike. I didn't do my Ps on my bike, but even though I have my Ps I still go off to my normal place and do slow speed practise.

    I just wanted the test out of the way especially as I will have to do the green P period. A smaller, lighter bike was easier for that. Doesn't mean I won't keep on practising or others wouldnt.
  17. I'm with Bretto on this one. Take the time to get out and practice - having someone else experienced give you some feed back can also be really valuable too.

    I think the focus should be on skills development not just getting your licence - I mean its a bummer you failed but both of these skills are actually pretty important - stick with it and you'll get there + you'll know that you'll be able to perform these moves when and where needed. Its not like you can tell that roo to hold on for a minute while you go and hire another bike.
  18. haha yeah, I'm definitely going to be practising a lot on my own bike, I've printed off the test from the RTA. I'll see how it goes and book in for MOST again in a few weeks. Thanks for the tips. I'll be putting them into practise.
  19. I agree.

    Except to say that some bikes have the turning circle of a Mack truck, my wifes Monster for example. The only way to get it to U turn in the space provided on the test would be to get of the bike, enlist the help of another person, pick the bike up and turn it round. Thankfully the 750 Monster isn't learner legal so it's not likely to be a problem for people doing the M.O.S.T.
  20. A guy once bought a VN 1600 from us.
    He went through me to get his license. And at that time we had a pay for three days and that's all you pay to get a license. A garanteed license.
    He was a smart cookie and signed off on the bike, only if he could use his bike to pass the lesson.
    Which threw the bundle in my lap.
    Yes he passed. It was a few weeks and luckily he did take to it well. He had ridden a lot as a young bloke.
    It can be done. And well you are going to have to do it. Maybe not a slalom of figure 8 per say.
    You will use the theory behind them every day all day on a bike.
    So that's my casefor getting your license on the bike you ride.
    The guy there assessing you... is meant to be good at what he does.
    Look the difference between a crb 250 and a hyo is a few kilo's, some hight and a bit in turning circle.
    What it has over the CB is a greater righting motion. Through it's heavier crank, better fuel mixing and larger brakes.
    Finding and using the righting motion of that bike is what you have to find and learn.
    If you feel your ever having to hold the bike up in a lean instead of pushing it down.
    You're doing it wrong !!!