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Failed Oil Filter Gasket - What a mess

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Gooza, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Well, taking a short spin around town tonight with son it tow, and after some 30 minutes riding, and then a 20 minute break before getting going again, I see smoke p!ssing out the back of the bike, pull over slowly, brakes are shot to pieces as i try to slow. Can see oil squirting out of the bike on the right side.

    Found the oil filter gasket had decided to erupt out the side of the where the can meets the engine, oil everywhere, front wheel, back wheel, complete R/H side of bike covered in it. Reckon I left a litre on the road.

    I cant believe I didn't bin the bike given the oil on both tyres and the brakes as well.

    Call for the tow truck using my VMC membership.That was money well spent on a membership.

    Has anyone ever seen the gasket just let go and go out the side of the filter? Too tight, too loose?

    What a mess I now gotta clean up. Kevlar Jeans and socks will go in the bin. Jeans where wet up to my knee.

    Its bloody everywhere.
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  2. Bad luck mate, pinched O ring perhaps when you tightened the filter back on?
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  3. I managed to spill oil over a wheel once and used CT18 and a scrubbing brush on the tyre to clean it off successfully. Must admit the first corner was psychologically difficult - will it hold or let go?

    If the gasket isn't given a smear of oil it can bind to the engine case or filter and as you tighten it can tear the gasket. But only guessing. Never heard of one letting go.
  4. I did spin on a new filter (and obligatory oil) only Saturday evening. This was the first decent ride after installation.

    Always lube the gasket before I fit it. I can see its 'squashed' out the side of the filter, looks still intact, but I'll know more tomorrow when I take filter off.

    I did install from the left side of the bike, but pretty sure I checked the right side after fitment, as thats where the sight glass is too.

  5. My gs500 had a weeping oil housing recently. I could have arsed about trying an oem o ring. Instead I cleaned the housing, left the old o ring in place and put gasket silicone on the mating surfaces. Great success. But rather a different design I suspect.
  6. some filter brands may not have well sized O-rings...
    for mine, K&N O-ring is shit, oversized by a couple mm and needs to be pushed in while tightening cover

    have a close look at the o-ring sizing when you pull it off
  7. Any pics? lucky/unlucky depends how you look at it.
    Could've been a lot worse so i'd say lucky :0.

    O ring may have not seated properly on the filter if you pulled it off to oil it or maybe just over tightened it.
  8. there was a debate on MSR recently about correctly torquing oil filter, some bikes require them to be way more than hand tight and the recommended torque can only be achieved using special tools

    what did you use to tighten it?
  9. Most bikes I have seen the recommended torque is pretty low and not really that much more than hand tight.

    Which raises a further issue, Did you use a torque wrench? If not another option is the gasket failed if overtightened which might cause too much stress to it.
  10. Spin on cartridge filters are normally 2/3 or 3/4 of a turn after the seal touches the mounting face.
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    They are a mass production item and a lot are finding their way in from developing countries. So you may have got a dud one.

    there is good advise above with regards lube and tightness. as above 3/4 of a turn is enough. You should be able to get it off with your hand. Cleanlines of the surface is also important

    the other possiblity is you cross-threaded ist. they are a pretty fine thread and it's possible. Did it spin on freelly?
  12. It was torqued by hand. Basically 3/4 turn from flush.. I never install filters with tools.
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  13. Well, after much fussing around today, found the gasket fully intact, but protruding (blown) out the side between the housing plate and filter itself. I do remember actually rooting around with the gasket, removing it partially to see what it was made of/how it was formed. Its not an o ring, but more a U shape with the base of the U facing the engine. I can only assume I never stuck it back in properly into the base of the filter?? What a dipshit.

    Soaked the bike in Dishwashing detergent mix via the Gerni, and water blasted the shite out of it, and its reasonable decent now.

    Brakes are OK, but will remove them tomorrow for a closer clean regardless.

    Tyres are another story. Seem slipperier and stickier at the same time after some close attention ??

    Gunna take the bike out the back into the old park behind us tomorrow, and ride around in the dirt a bit to clean em up a bit more.

    Then its back on the road for a 100 klicks by myself to be bloody certain it's all OK.

    Installed a new filter (simply wouldn't trust this one now), and reckon nearly 2 litres of oil went into the engine :nailbiting:
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  14. So do I win a prize for guessing right? :p

    Just spray a can full of brake cleaner on your disc and in your calipers/pads, it'll break up oil like nothing else.

    Hope your not going to attempt your last off road adventure on the bike again ahah.
  15. Will be next to no throttle out the back blimblim :sneaky: Aint gunna make the same mistake twice :p
  16. Think some CT18 and Brake Cleaner are the order of the day tomorrow.
  17. I use 5 Star Degreaser spray Cans. Around $2 a Can from The Reject shop. I buy 12 at a time. Very powerful degreaser. Be sure to have the water hose handy and hose off after 3 min.
    They also do a Bug and Tar Remover. very good stuff. ($2 a can)

    HOT POT Phone: 03 9553 3571 E-Mail: hotpotonline@bigpond.com
  18. Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike , Supercrap have Export Degreaser on special right now at $7 for 5 cans.

    Shoved a complete can of the above into the front and rear brakes 3 separate times, flushing in between 2 days ago.

    Then gave it another clean with some detergent again today as I was stuck at home more or less. Then hit again with the Gerni.

    Tyre's seem pretty good, they seem to absorb the oil somewhat??

    Bikes as clean as its ever been. Rear caliper looks new now. Tyre's seem fine, although yet to try to scrape pegs, don't have that confidence in the tyres just yet.

    Have done nearly 100k's since, so pretty happy all is OK now. Look at that caliper - so shiny (y)

    2016-01-09 16.10.24.
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