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Failed MOST on obstacle avoidance test at very end

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sedgy, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I turned left instead of right and instantly knew I'd blown it. It's the worst regret I've had in a long long time.

  2. you're not the first to fail first go and you definitely won't be the last. Just suck it up and get back out there, if you passed everything else it will be snap next time.

    Been a while since my MOST, but I thought they always asked you to go left anyway...
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  3. Ok, it's not an uncommon error in bike tests, usually you can do it without a problem in practice but the pressure of the test makes people stress up. If you are ok with the physical aspects of handling a bike then a little more practice and you can try again in 7 days.

    Good Luck.
  4. I almost failed this. I wasn't fast enough the first time, and forgot to put it into first before pulling around for the second try. So when I took off the second time, I struggled. Between slipping the clutch so I didn't stall while nailing it to get it up to speed...

    Luckily, you'll only have to do the MOST. Best of luck next time!
  5. Things have changed since I got my license. I just had to show I could stop in a hurry without falling off or skidding and then survive a ride down the main street in peak hour traffic.
  6. The place i got my L's through and im going back for my P's this saturday is lenient on these things, you will get a couple of shots at it before you get failed and have to pay to be retested, he also understands the whole pressure thing, when i did my L's he walked us through each test section one at a time, those that didnt do too well hads a few shots at it, them we did the a practice run at the whole test one at a time, i was first of my group and was sitting there ready to go while the other 7 people did there practice run, finally it comes to my turn and he comes over and tells us we just did the test and we all passed, during the wait i was getting a little nervous and tense which is a perfect recipe for a fail.

  7. i'm fairly sure most learner practical tests are exactly like that....make sure your prepared to not be babied like that in the p's test/practice man as they expect you to know how to ride now.
  8. A friend of mine got his license there a few weeks ago, over the last 20 years he has done his L's a couple of times after they ran out but other than that has not ridden a bike, his only real experience was as a kid in the back yard, he said it wasnt as easy as they said it would be but he also has pretty much zero experience and he passed, i only have about a 1000k's (including 300 yesterday through reefton, black spur and some mountain that is a ski resort in winter) but thats still 1000 more than him so hopefully i will be fine, from what other people have said you dont get failed the first time, obviously if you are the worst rider there they may fail you but for little fcuk ups he will let you have another go.
  9. OH and i could be wrong but i might consider renting out a bike or borrowing a mates if i was you - the instructors might well pick up on your non-lams bike thing you've got going on and tell you to sod off

    victorians can correct me but the p's test down there is basically the same as the NSW one except we have a on-road part of the exam? and it's a points based system - you go over certain lines....out of set areas....put your foot down....drop your bike....fail to do head checks everytime you stop n go to move again....all of this will add points and if you get enough points...you fail...
  10. I actually asked him about using a non lams bike and they didnt care, how ever if you look to the left i have changed my ways and bought a 2010 FZ6r which is lams, much easier to ride on and now i dont have to worry about going to all the bike hot spots with mates for fear of getting dicked, did a mountain run yesterday and had atleast 3 close calls, i dont think the yzf would have been as forgiving as the fzr and there was only inches to spare on the fzr.............
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  11. And from what im told the points system is right, i think you can lose 40 points before you fail.
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  12. It's sorta the same, we have to do a left hand and right hand corner as quick as we safely can, then do a random e stop, right swerve and left swerve.

    That's it, do all that with 40 points or less and your done
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  13. wow....we have the cone weave then u-turn then hard left turn then pick a direction for the swerve...do that within a set distance....e-brake & the on-road ride section where the instructor depending on numbers (we had 6 people in our group so had us in groups of two where we'd swap from back to middle to front of pack and he'd watch the front 2) watches your roadcraft and ability to implement basics in a safe manner
  14. Yeah its really not all that hard, some people still stuff it up though
  15. Oh and we (NSW) only get 12 points (I think). And contrary to popular belief you can fail the road ride section if you break a road law or two.
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  16. 12 points is for your license, I think they use 40 for the test, different system. Breaking road rules is usually an instant fail on the road test. Speeding, running a light, failing to give way and "hoon" behaviour are all instant fail end of test.
  17. if my memory serves me correctly...b12mick is actually an instructor (or maybe im thinking of someone else =/ )
  18. From the RTA site: LINK
    Not what either of us said, as it turns out.
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  19. Nope not me, I'm not a motorcycle instructor, just remember when my son did his learners. Although that was 6 years ago now.

    I knew it wasn't 40.
  20. As already mentioned you can lose 8 points in the M.O.S.T. and still pass. To swerve to the wrong side of the half tennis ball accumulates 9 points. They couldn't make it any easier as it is the same side as the Testing Officer is standing.

    Prior to this objective test a Pre-Provisional Course is conducted and there are three modules to be completed. One of these is what is more commonly known as the Road Ride. If any module is not completed successfully, the individual may be stopped from further riding activities in the course, if the instructor assesses the trainee to be dangerously inexperienced or incompetent.