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Failed EPA Noise test with standard exhausts fitted by 2Db

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Dazmo, May 30, 2008.

  1. Yes that is correct WTF! :evil: :evil:
    My 748 had standard exhaust on it and it failed. I rang EPA as soon as I got to work and the guy pretty much said, fix it and try again, no leeway what so ever. @$$hole

    Anyone got any suggestions on what to do now to reduce it 2Db? I have a bit under three weeks to get this sorted.
  2. Get a Db killer or failing that once you get around the corner of the test place get some steel wool and a coat hanger and shove a good quantity in each can. Then use a short section of wire as a trap for the can's outlet.

    It should be ok for the purposes of the test, then ride round the corner and unpack.

    Don't use it to ride home as you will see sparks!
  3. it failed with the standard can? How old is it? Silencers wear out over time, but if its a young bike, thats ridiculous.
  4. If it's not a rude question, why were you being tested in the first place? Somebody report you, or was it the cops?
  5. It's a 2000 748. Cans are fairly unused if you catch my drift :wink: so they shouldn't have worn out.

    I got a letter in the mail from the EPA saying a member of the police has reported me, but anyone can do it, not just the cops.

    Any idea where I can get Db killers to fit a 45mm Termi? or even the standard set to reduce it enough to pass.
  6. Ah.. now I get it. You asked for it, and then your fall-back position sorta fell on it's face! :wink:
    Even so, it seems to me that the cops are upping the ante in all sorts of ways on bikes at the moment.
    I'd be surprised if any decent exhaust shop couldn't sort out a temporary solution for you.
  7. I've heard Ducati folk saying they send one bike to meet the ADR tests, and another to the showroom. The noise is part of the appeal of the bike, so it's what the customers want, and niw it seems it can also bite the customer on the arse.
  8. out of curiosity, because this will make a difference, was your bike warmed up properly for the test?
    i read in a pommy mag last week that cold engines can put you over the limit
  9. You might brush this off because it's only "2 more". However 2 dB is actually very much louder even when you are talking 94 dB vs 96dB for example.

    Something is up!
  10. A cold engine might put you over the emissions limit, but would make little difference to the noise limit I'd think.
  11. Were you tested in a quiet location with no nearby walls to bounce back echoes? this is required in the EPA test manual but rarely occurs
    (especially if tested inside or next to workshops).
  13. You've "heard"....
  14. Here in Vic, at least, either EPA officers or Police can report you. If the general public was allowed to do this, then every second truck and all bikes would be off the road by now.

    If they did allow this to occur, I'd be somewhat miffed as it'd be so open to abuse. I would, at least, require the opportunity to challenge it in court in order to recover costs, if nothing else and for the witness to have to testify and to be cross-examined.
  15. Not likely. Busy street 10m behind the bike and a nice big building wall to one side (about 5m away) and covered parking area on the other (less than 5m away and kinda like the covering on a small servo). Bike was pointed away from the workshop toward the street. It looked to me like it was once a servo/mechanics that is now purely a mechanics.
  16. So what do you make of the EPA advertising all around the place, urging everyone to report all manner of "infringements"? That's aimed at litterers, but if it can be done for that, can it not for noise?
    (just asking...)
  17. Pack the mufflers with a hell of a lot of steel wool.

    They might ask you to have a look inside the muffler like they did a guy from my motorbike club. Do what he did and tell them to go fcuk themselves.
  18. Here is the link to the EPA's website.


    Note where it talks about a member of the public dobbing someone in. The process is for you to go to the cops who will then investigate and if the claim is valid it will proceed further.

    That's what I meant to say.
  19. On the list of testers that the EPA sent you go to the one in Spotswood and all should be well.
  20. Got it passed at 93Db on Saturday after fitting a closed clutch cover. Guy on friday said it shoudn't effect the test, guy on saturday said it would effect it for sure.

    Tip: Don't go to the place in Box Hill on your list, go to the one in Ringwood.