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failed attempt at removing fuel tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by biceps, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Anyways, long story short - all the rubber gaskets/holders thing that holds the fuel pump is broken. both my hoses are gone (the one with fuel, and the other one).

    what can i do now?

    have i done something major?

    and the two tubes that connect to the tank; one goes to pump, and one is just an overflow tube right?
  2. [img:800:533:4e0e9ad7ca]http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/willielam/RIMG0642.JPG[/img:4e0e9ad7ca]

    this is what i'm refering to.

    there's also a tubey thing on the left of the fuel pump. is that a filter?

    note how those black rubber things are ripped apart. what should i be asking for when i goto a s/parts shop? is this the mounting bracket u were talking about?

    PS cheers for the reply dave.
  3. The mounting thingy, Zip ties. the hoses Repco on enzed, etc
  4. I've been thinking long and hard.

    Should i just redo the whole 'fuel line'?

    For my bike - and i'm no techie, so i may be wrong - i will need a hose from the tank to the fuel filter (at least thats what i think it is; if you look in the picture i attached, its the white plastic thing on the left with a missing hose on top).

    There will be another hose from the filter to the pump.

    Another one from the pump to this connector thing, and another hose from the connector thing to the carbs. does this sound about right?

    GREEN - tube from pump to carbie via connector.
    PINK - tube from filter to pump

    RED - these are just two tubes that connect to NOTHING. what are they?

    also, is there anything special about the connecting joint between the carbs and pump?
  5. It may be beneficial to put a new inline filter in while you are about it.

  6. Dave - heaps helpful your post. And cheers for qouting a price - at least i know how much NOT to pay. I love pretty close to an enzed store, so i mite give them ago for hoses; and give a motor cycle store a call for the fuel filter.

    but the two red hoses; they actually go between the airbox and the carbs. I dont know exactly these originate from. So if you look at the diagram, there are three hoses that stem from the left (2 red, one green); one goes into the carb, and the others go into *something*
  7. Dave - im at work now, so i cant do any of that. Those two hoses dont concern me; i was just curious about it.

    But i'll get all the parts and try to do everything over the weekend and keep you posted.

    Is there anything that i should expect? I plan to replace all teh fuel lines (is that the correct terminology); so that's all the hoses that stem from the tank to the carbs via various parts (ie filter/pump etc). Because these tubes will be full of air, will it damage my bike?

    and is there any reason why there is a connector attachment from the fuel pump to the carb? If i buy a hose, can i just simply connect the line from the pump directly into the carb?
  8. When you say 'crank it over a bit', do you mean rev it a bit, or do you mean push it down my street?
  9. Im planning to get a new fuel filter and some hosing to fix up something stupid i did a few days ago.

    Is there anyone out there that could give me advice on this proceedure?
    I will performing this task myself. Further, is there any issues with having excess hosing? The reason why i ask this is because i want to have some 'work space' when i put the tank back onto the frame (Refer to step 4 below)

    this is what i plan to do;
    1) connect a hose from the fuel filter to the fuel pump
    2) connect a hose to the fuel filter (eventually this will connect to the tank)
    3) Zip tie the tank and filter in place.
    3) place the tank over the air box, and then connect the hose from the filter to the tank
    4) connect the overflow hose
    5) leave it for about 5mins and then try to start everything up.
  10. oh - almost forgot. i took the petrol out of my tank and placed it into a jerrycan. i then proceeded to drain the 'reserve' into a bucket (which i plan to throw away; or rather, let it evapourate).

    Is it okay to use what i have in the jerrycan? does petrol have a red tint to it? i dont know if this is normal, or whether its because of rust/sediments. I had a look into my tank - it seems pretty clean.
  11. should work fine that way dude.
    you should really be able to get it back together without too much excess hosing, but as long as your pump is working ok it won't affect the fuel supply to the carbs. just be sure to clamp the new hoses onto the nipples on the filter/pump etc. to stop possible leaks.
    you seem to have gone from a complete novice to a relative expert in the space of a day. Nothing like getting in there and having a crack :grin:

    about the fuel colour - normal unleaded i believe is red tinged - avgas (aviation grade petrol) is blue or green and avtur (jet fuel) is yellow.
  12. the outcome

    repco - no luck with fuel hoses or fuel filters. they dont carry many items in terms of bike parts.

    same goes with enzed. they didnt have the right hoses for what i needed.

    i ended up getting my fuel filter and hose from brian's *something* (a bike shop on mitchell street in brookvale).

    the fuel hoses i got werent original parts (ie the ones that i ruined had been 'pre' bent into shape. further, there was different hole sizes on each end. one was bigger than the other), but i was desperate for a fix. it gets a bit more complicated, so i wont go into it, but I've manged to hook everything up and everything is running okay.

    when i went to start the bike, the bike started first go - it lasted for a few seconds then died again. obviously, it was using fuel that was alreayd in the engine. it took a few attempts before it started working normally (i only hit the start button about 4 times)

    the only thing that's dodgy about my repair job is the overflow tube for the petrol tank. because there's no 'nipple' on teh fuel tank, i've just stuck a tube over it. it doesnt fit like a glove - but it's good enough for now.

    i just went for a quick ride (10kms) and everything seems okay. no leaks!
    it's nice to know i've got a brand new fuel filter. the original one was DIRTY as - but my bike was running perfect even with a dirty filter. a clean one can only mean good things :D

    dirty fuel filter... and a part i couldnt find a match for :S

    end product
  13. Most fuel filters are aftermarked jobbies anyway, just pick up one that is correct for the diameter, and you're sweet...