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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UDLOSE, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. I had to go into work this morning to fix an urgent problem. No worries I'll take the misses and we'll go hang out in the city etc after. Fixed the problem, went to milsons pt then long story short I lost my key!! I never lose anything I feel like the biggest fool. I asked around in shops and retraced our steps and nothing. Now I'm catching the stinking hot, non air conditioned, all stops train back to blacktown (1 hour) while my gf guards the bike from an air con'd cafe. I then need to catch a cab home from the station then drive back to the city with the spare and then ride home and give the car to the gf. The day was going pretty well but now I'm 1/6 of the way through a 3 hour scum journey...

    A courier almost knocked it over while we were having lunch too. That's why I left Andrea with it. The last thing I need is to pay the 2k excess for a hit and run.

    This sucks so bad..
  2. ....that sucks BIG time!!!...:-s .... Hope the day improves!! 8-[
  3. It just got worse there's a nut on the train singing Christian rap songs.. According to my gps the train has not exceeded 45kph the whole way.
  4. Ha, ha, ha!!.... The joys of the all stations train out west!!!(i get it sometimes!!...it can be very entertaining!!)....=D>
  5. Doh, serves ya right for taking the cage to the slab :D

    not a good feeling when u lose things, my mrs is in the city also (checking out the new westfields)
  6. Holiday season + trains going west + hot day
    = slow speed due to rail conditions + all stops + uncomfortable
    = piss-poor time!
  7. Damn that sucks. I hope the key isn't hiding in your jacket pocket, helmet or your GF's handbag, cause that'd really suck.
  8. ..... And dont forget the occasional nutter!!.... :D
  9. thanks guys. I'm back at home with a cold beer so its all good. The original key never showed up anywhere. I wonder what triumph will sting me for a copy?

    Edit: Goz we went fishing but Athol made me take a detour in the cage. I got held up by 3 guys on bikes on the way up :(
  10. well, just think, it could have been worse, if you didn't have a spare!

  11. :rofl::rofl:

    did u scrub the tyres :D
  12. Ya silly bugga, Marty!. :)...Oh well, after the amazing train and taxi ride (sarcasm) the 675 might be looking a bit better to you...mmm? :)
  13. Did I read that right? $2k excess? WTF?
  14. That's right, 2k premium and 2k excess. That's a big reason why I'm getting rid of it and going back to 3rd party only roughy that I can park anywhere and thrash at the track.
  15. No farkin wonder you're giving it away son. How much were you insuring it foe, and do you have finance on it? (if you dont mind me asking. Just out of curiosity)
  16. It happens. I lost my key in Cowes on the Sat night of GP weekend a couple of years ago. I had to leave Shelley with the bike while I traced our steps through crowded shops and paths asking in each shop if they had a key handed in. I eventually found it in the noodle shop. It was one of 6 bike keys they had that were dropped on the floor that night. Not having a car or PT back home as a back up, I was very relieved to find it again. Now I'm even more oc about checking the location of my key every 3 seconds or so though. :)
  17. ever consider getting a lanyard?
  18. I brought two spare keys off a motorbike shop on Ebay, cost $7usd, took it up to Mr.Minute (key cutters in Westfields) and they cut the keys for $10 - not sure what Suzuki would of charged me for a spare key.

  19. you havnt got a coded key then