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Fail to obey traffic lights-warning/help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by melb_ourne, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. hi

    So i got a letter of infringement - 28 sec after elapsed on Red Lights. Seem a bit strange that i ran the light onto peak hour traffic (9:15) so I decide to check the photo.
    Actual what happened was, I was filtering to the front of the cars and stopped passed the “stop line” and triggered the camera. And based on what the traffic guy said I have technically i have failed to obey the traffic lights... So is that correct??

    I have got 6 points for all speeding point and this infringement take it to 9 points... and not good. Can I contest this as i am not running the red light but stop pass the stopped light?

    I post this on Netrider and see what they say....

  2. once you cross the stop line you've disobeyed the light.
  3. Yes, since you failed to stop at the line, it is an infringement. Even if you were in a car and did it, it is still an infringement. This rule is in place to protect pedestrians crossing in front of you. If they have to walk around your front in order to get across the road, they endanger themselves by stepping into traffic within the intersection. The line is there for a reason, not for decoration.
  4. I thought red light cameras took 2 photos. 1 when you cross the line, and a second one to see if you continued, or stopped before going through.
  5. No, they take one when the light turns red to prove that you weren't already in the intersection when the light changed and one when you cross the line.
  6. To avoid this, keep the back of your bike level with the cars alongside you - that way the camera can't get a reading of your numberplate. .
  7. That's not right. You have to cross the white line after the light turns RED (not yellow) then it takes another one to ensure you've continued.

    Two links below state this and the QLD has a better description on how they operate...


  8. FWIW, I'd like to know how. Does this mean that they photograph EVERY instance of light changing to red. Or is the camera so advanced it can see into the future and know you are going to drive through?
  9. Sorry not sure?. they took two pictures of my bike when i triggered the magnatic strip(?) buried under the stop line.
  10. That is not how they used to work, thanks Joe, you learn something new every day.
  11. Yes, unfortunately you've entered the intersection against a red light and have committed the offence.
  12. so, if they took the 2 photos, and you didn't continue through the intersection, what's the charge??
  13. Shits me to tears that it works this way, but yeah. Oddly, when cars go halfway into the damned intersection because they lift off the brake and let their girlmatic transmission roll them, they never seem to trigger.
  14. they take the 2 pics as in the op, you're done for failing to stop.
    But there are cases where you get over the white line but if u are forced to stop in the intersection because of an incident or certain traffic conditions they will not send a TIN.

    Seen it once where a broken down car was in a right turn lane. All cars (incl me) going around it were flashed as they would have triggered the camera thinking they were going straight.
    I never got any TIN...
  15. Re-post this question in the correct forum and add the STATE the offence occured so that you get the most correct "advice"
Thread Status:
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