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VIC Fail to Keep Left on FWY

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cougs, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Only just bike related but I want to have a biatch anyway on behalf of my son.

    Today he was booked (in his car) by an unmarked solo on Eastlink for the above. Shock horror he was doing 95km/h in the right hand lane.

    Should he have been over left, yep, probably.

    Is it a harsh fine ($122 and 2 points)? For a young bloke (18) that has had his license less than a month - bloody oath it is.

    We hammer the 'Wipe off 5' and 'Speed Kills' message and to what end.....so we can revenue raise from young blokes for not speeding.

    Without taking the matter to court what chance is there of getting it reviewed...is it worth it?
  2. A warning should have been enough.
  3. ](*,)

    Must have been a really slow "numbers" day.
  4. if it was first offence, then it was a bit harsh, but I still agree with its' enforcement. Few things piss me off more than people not keeping left. And I also must say, fining young people is probably the easiest way to teach them how to drive properly once they've got their license and don't have to do any more testing. I don't speed because I got fined a buttload when I first started driving. I have friends who have never received a ticket, and because of that feel it's perfectly fine to go 20-30 over at all times. It's not ideal, but it's a learning experience all the same.
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  5. Exactly how does fining young people or people in general become the "easiest" way to teach them to drive correctly?
  6. Very harsh by the copper to hand out a ticket for something that 99% of morons do all the time with out getting pulled for it. (i drive syd-canberra very often, like 20 times a year +, i have NEVER seen HWP pull someone up for it and it happens all the time)

    But at the end of the day not keeping left is very annoying, so its nice to see it enforced, but defiantly a warning would have been enough. Maybe appeal it if your son has a fully clean record.

    Also +1 to tickets for young people, even though i hated my license suspension, it did slow me down a lot, i used to do like 10-20 over standard when i first started driving. Got a suspension (not for speeding) and bam now i generally only speed occasionally, never just casually.
  7. Rather police enforce this than ping people for doing 5-10 over. Good to see a blitz on something that genuinely frustrates people on the road.
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  8. We were discussing this over in the motoring forum at OCAU recently. I think it's good that police are enforcing this rule, so many muppets in the right lane travelling well below the speed limit. It's extremely annoying and creates an unnecessary hazard.
  9. Write a letter but I don't like your chances...

    Probably not what you want to hear but its about time police actually started fining people for not keeping left, to find somebody dawdling along in the rh lane is not only frustrating for other motorists but it impedes the natural flow of traffic...

    Now if only they started booking tools who try and merge onto the freeways at 60kph
  10. While this is a law that should be consistently enforced, discretion should have been applied in this case and he should have been let off with a stern warning.

    An inflexible, black-or-white legal system does not serve justice.
  11. I feel for ya mate, and more importantly I feel for your son. New to the roads and still finding his feet. He's taken the wipe off 5 shit onboard and is living the TAC's dream. No doubt he's teaching himself by paying close attention to what others on the road are doing, and all of the others are sitting in the right hand lane 5k's under the speed limit because the Television told them so.

    The copper is a prick plain and simple. He hasn't done the badge any favours by picking on a noobie.

    To rub salt in the wound. I saw an episode of 'we're cops so we're grouse', and a mature (50-60yo) couple were in the RHL of Eastlink doing 85km/h. The unmarked ute pulled them over for a stern talking to and a bit of a wise up. He decided to let the middle class couple off with a warning because of their clean driving record.

    Sure, he used his discretion and good on him. But some consistency and some wisdom would yield greater respect for the 'job they just have to do'.

    Ping the retards for 85k's in the RHL, warn the noobie doing 95k's. One is a menace, the other is learning the ropes, It's not fucking rocket science.
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  12. #13 kma_jg, Sep 21, 2011
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    This us one of the most common causes of road rage. Pricks sitting in the right lane while there is heaps of space and they should KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING.

    Will he do it again? Probably.
    Was the penalty to harsh? Msybe, but do people learn from warnings alone?
  13. Strange enough, there was similar on the Highway Patrol tv program a while ago but it was a mature woman who got pulled over and only got a warning.
    I believe they normally take traffic conditions into account before they usually pull people over for this..

    Although I feel sorry for your son I too think it's about time this was enforced a lot more.
    The fact that right lane hoggers are so common these days probably shows the lack of fines given out for it and your son is one of the first I've heard for ages.
  14. I would suspect that the copper sat behind him for a while before pulling him over.
    If he's anything like our young bloke and many others, including me when i was a whipper snipper, he was driving along blissfully unaware of what was going on behind him.

    Hopefully he didnt do what a mate of mine did, driving along in the right lane at the then P plate speed limit of 80k, spotted a car coming up fast and just sat there.
    Car flashed its lights for him to move over and mate stuck his fingers up. car flashed its lights again so mate brake checked him.
    Got a horrible shock when the disco lights went on.
    He got done for fail to keep left and speeding, copper said he's lucky he doesnt book him for dangerous driving as well.
  15. If failing to keep left is actually hindering someone, then thats a basis for fines at least.

    But like the speed laws, theres a door for rampant abuse of the laws when the effect on others isnt a necessary consideration in the issuing of the fine.
  16. For a newly licensed driver? None.

    Link: Internal reviews of infringements.

    Link: The Victorian Police Force, Hard at Work

    Link: Why don't cops enforce keep left rule.

    Link: Road Safety Road Rules 2009.

    130. Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road

    (1) This rule applies to a driver driving on a multi-lane road if—

    (a) the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of road where the
    driver is driving is over 80 kilometres per hour; or

    (b) a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length of road where
    the driver is driving.

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  17. On that point; a question Cougs, was he overtaking?
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  18. Im sorry, But im an advocate for this law. I see it too much.

    And whats worse, Is new drivers to the road KNOW the laws, they had to study them to pass. But it seems they are still installing those pesky mind erasers above the exit doors.

    They should really get rid of them!
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  19. Honestly, my reaction is "Good"
    Keep left unless overtaking is a pretty simple rule that gets ignored by way too many people out there.

    I think it's also a pretty good indicator that the driver isn't thinking about what they're doing.

    I'd love to see far more of these fines and less idiotic focusing on "Speeding"