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FAIL Thread

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by robbie55, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I've stolen this photo (and title) from another forum, apologies if its been posted here before but it brought me to tears.

    Any other bike related fails - ahh heck any fails are a good laugh in my book.


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  2. They aren't really a problem, he never need to get out of first. Stopping at lights may present a few issues though.
  3. no need to get the knee down!
  4. Test riding a DR650 I forgot it had a clutch and stalled the bike... right in front of the stay upright group getting their L's :LOL:

    ...Does that count?
    *It's a side effect of riding a posty, I swear!*
  5. so, he's got foot-sliders instead of knee-sliders, where's the problem here ?? :LOL:
  6. An oldie but I like it.

  7. took me a few seconds to work out why it looked so weird. nice.
  8. hahahah amazing
  9. ............[​IMG]
  10. ...................[​IMG]
  11. mate, the locusts are going to LOVE her !
  12. That my friend is epic ownage.

    passive aggressive subtle WIN

    Awesome "This was a good talk..."
  13. hahahaha! love that apology one :p
  14. How about this one?
  15. or how aboutthis, at my local sports bar 'windows' in Shanghai .... and there is plenty more with homer and the gang prohibiting a multitude of other offenses... maybe for another thread!

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  16. but when you consider their pronunciation of 'r' and 'l'....
  17. I'd say that's just a chop rather than a real fail. as soon as the wind caught it it would turn those wheels around, they woulda more likely gone straight back than out to the side like that. I could be wrong, but my gut instinct say it looks wrong so it's most likely fake.
  18. Whatever the case, I'd say his landing will be VERY 'wrong'

    Is it just me or does it look like a cut/paste job with his head/helmet ? That's one serious head swivel...
  19. Thought exactly the same thing!