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Faded Switch gear ..Restored

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Traviss, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. To anyone that has the greying faded switchs on their handle bars and what to restore them ..themselfs HTH's
    I have just finished mine so I will share, as i found very little info on the net about doing it ..
    First I stripped all the old surface off ( after taking pic's of letter placement and wiring details.)
    I sanded with 240# wet and dry and coated with 2K Plastic primer(spray can) used on auto bumpers etc.
    Then I mist coated 2k base coat black and finished with a few wet coats and let dry for a week.
    Then I used water slide decals ( USA Bedlam creations on E**y ) about $1.50 a sheet ( I got 3 to be sure) of white letters mixed sizes and proceeded to cut them out wet them and place them on ( anyone who has built model planes etc would understand the proceedure).
    I let the decals dry for 3 days in a dust free area..
    I then mist coated the decals very lightly with 2k clear and let dry and repeated this 3 times..This stops the decals crinkling or lifting..
    I then wet coated with 3 coats and let harden for a week ( 2k can be very soft for a week or so)
    Re-installed all the switches and wiring and wolla..New switchs..
    Its a bit of fiddling and stuffing around but if your restoring and older bike or building a streetfighter etc thats had its share of UV fade then this might help..

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  2. Nice tips, guy!

    Some pics would be great.
  3. I have to shrink them the files are to big to down load ( had to use Micro for best shots)
  4. So put them on Photobucket and post links.
  5. Or use PostImage (set to "image" or "Many Images") to host and resize your images (and post the links).