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faded plastic maintance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by benjamin78au, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. so , the chain guard , rear tail mud guard and the front sprocket use to be black, but has faded over time? What is the best way to bring it back to black . thinking paint or a chemical

  2. Silly Cone Spray will bring a sheen back to it for a while. You may need to reapply when you clean the bike.

    I wouldn't bother painting, hard to get it to stick. You can get plastic paint, but I haven't had mush success with it.
  3. Once faded, all you can do is bring it back up every few weeks with Armour-all, Mr Sheen, or vaseline. (obviously watch out not to get it on controls that you need to grip, etc).
  4. if you have time...afternoon's work,
    you can get 2000grit sandpaper and sand everything
    get matt black paint and paint it
    should last a while, best to use proper spray guy or a can will do but make sure you follow instructions on the can
  5. decide it adds character, live with it

    Shoe polish?

    Or wreckers for a better one, if you just have to have one thats black
  6. Export Tyre Shine (silicone spray) works well on plastic bits. Forever Black isn't as shiney but lasts longer. Either would be a good choice. :)
  7. Sand with 400 grit sandpaper then again with 1200 to get it smooth.
    - apply plastic primer, then sand again, then apply primer once again and sand.
    - apply the plastic paint to the bumper, probably 2 or 3 coats and maybe even a coat of clear.
  8. Vinyl Dye might also be a solution. It soaks in and actually dyes most plastics. Finish depends on the surface.
  9. i tried shoe polish first, as a work mate, suggested it as well , results arent great but it will do for the time being, will probly go down the paint alley when i have time