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Factory warranty when buying 2nd hand?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SHEPPO, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Hi people,

    [If this is in the wrong section, can the moderators please move]

    I'm wondering what happens to the factory warranty when you buy a 2nd hand bike? Is it passed onto the new owner (assuming it is still under warranty)?

    What do you need, as the bike's new owner, to make sure you can still claim problems under the remaining factory warranty?

    Is it as simple as getting hold of the original proof of purchase (reciept) off the previous owner, prooving the date it was purchased, and that's it??

    I know it's a pretty basic question, just want it clarified.


  2. I asked exactly that question of the dealer who first sold my bike. All he asked for was proof of my ownership.
    It might also help if you can prove that the bike was first sold on a certain date, to show that it is still under the warranty period, but that would be a formality, as the registering body would have records, in case of dispute.
  3. I purchased a Honda Blackbird second hand December last year which still has new factory warranty. With Honda you just fill in the form in the service manual re transfer of ownership, have the bike sighted and signed off by a Honda dealer that it is in satisfactory condition (was not charged for that) then sent the form in to Honda. A rang them a week later to confirm they received it and asked when the warranty runs out which I was pleasantly suprised to be told April 09.

    Hope this helps.
  4. My kwaka was bought new in september ,07 and I bought it in may ,08 second hand from a young fella and all I had to do was get an inspection from an authorised kwaka dealer and the page stamped in the warrenty book and its covered till september '09(posted to kawasaki of coarse).Dont know about any other brands...
  5. +1 to the Honda and Kwaka responses above for my Suzuki GS500 - just had to take it in to a registered dealer and have it inspected (no charge) - they check that it's legally roadworthy. Write your name in the maintenance book, dealer stamps it, that's it.