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VIC Fact or Fiction - Police harras OMC charity ride

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by deadman, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I will put it up here as relayed to me by mobile text, I have no further information on whether it is fact or fiction,

    Some one else might be able to fill us in on it,

    So the boys decide to take the HOGS for a cruise to help raise funds for the RCH Good Friday Appeal and the law decides It is too good an oppurtunity to pass up and put them all off the road,
    Well doneSimon Overland,

    End of text,
  2. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Fact, it was just on TV. Pulled a heap of them up and had a few 100 coppers following them all day apparently.
  3. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    surely the Police have enough social sense not to shut down a charity ride???
  4. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    You'd be surprised, it happening more and more
  5. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    That just might be a good move for us and a bad move for the beige revolution.

    I notice with interest that the number of 'a current affair' stories about faulty speed cameras, and speed cameras set up to just generate revenue is on the way up. If we can insert ourselves into a groundswell of public opinion that the forces of command and control are a bit out of control ...
  6. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Channel 9 News report said that for all the bikes checked, it resulted in 4 defects and 2 infringement notices.
  7. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Does nothing nice ever come out of Victoria or what??
  8. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Hume Hwy?

  9. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    A few emails to the police ethical standards committee would not go astray. Would have cost a fair bit to roll out that many plods for a gig on a public holiday (was it today). Someones head will roll.
  10. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    this is disgusting!
  11. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    More info http://au.news.yahoo.com/vic/latest/a/-/article/9247249/police-blitz-hits-bikers-charity-ride/
    "Police have launched a crackdown on bikie gangs with one of their biggest road blitzes.

    Almost 200 police targeted a run by the Black Uhlans who say they were just trying to raise money for the community.

    The biggest blitz in years began at the club house of the Black Uhlans at Coburg.

    Hundreds of gang members had gathered to take part in the annual poker run, which the club promotes as a fundraiser for several charities.

    Police in equally big numbers hit the biker ride, checking licences, bikes and safety equipment in fine detail but found just four bikes in need of repair.
    Along their journey from North Coburg to King Lake the riders were tracked by nearly 200 police who also used the run to gather intelligence."
  12. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Now where are all the people that say this sort of thing doesnt happen,

    Is it a figment of our imagination, or are the press telling lies and it didnt happen,

    Its one hell of a Hoax that they have put across.
  13. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Comparisons with an authoritarian — even totalitarian — society are not too far off. First, they come for the bikies …
  14. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    I was on that ride and your information is correct.

    Yes, it was a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money. The plod didn't just check all bikes but there were at least 15-20 cars (all with at least 2 coppers in each) following us the whole way round and they also made sure they had the booze bus on the route too, two separate booze buses in two separate locations!!! They gathered intelligence by taking a photo of every single rider's licence and their rego plate!
  15. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    It should be said -

    The outlaw clubs put these things on to earn brownie points.

    The cops go to them for the same reasons.

    We are witnessing politics here on a slightly elevated level, and we should be aware of that. This isn't an isolated event apropos of nothing that just came down out of the clear blue sky. This is the most recent step or move in a game that's been going on for over 50 years...
  16. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    The report I heard said it was at the American & British MCC charity show, not the Black Uhlans..

    Can someone confirm?

    Is there some dodgey propaganda making it to the media to try smooth the story over for the police?
  17. Disgusting.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Yet another example of how to totally turn a section of the community against police...stunts like this really prove it's an US and THEM thing, what a pack of wankers.](*,)
  19. Re: Fact or Fiction.

    Police harrasement at it's best :(