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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. just wondering why it is that people put their facebook link up on the site, if their account is so private that you can't add them as a friend or even send them a message?

    then there's others that are even MORE private you can't even see their photo with lack of info. it just says the account is private or to search for something else or whatever.

    so why post your facebook page when we can't even do anything with it?

    do people even realise their facebook is that private?

  2. It allows people to accept Friend Requests only from people they want viewing their private information.
    Often used as a precaution against stalkers.

    Obviously it's effectiveness is self evident. ;) :p
  3. Out of curiosity, does my FB link lead to anything useful? Hard to test when it's your own FB profile.

  4. yeah KLR can add you as a friend, or some random dude - i dunno, your name tim? hehe.

    [MENTION=15219]carver[/MENTION], well no, it won't even allow you to add them as a friend.

    not that i'm fussed, just making sure people know what settings they have. no point putting up their fb link on NR if you can't add them as a friend or send them a message.
  5. Yes Tim, especially when I click the link to your LinkedIn page. I pretty much reckon I could stalk you with all that info.
  6. i don't think he'd care :)

    stalk or don't stalk, it's your time you'd be wasting ;)

  7. Yes, it leads to a p0rn site.
  8. if you're worried about privacy......
  9. I had a stalker GF. It's not funny after a while. I had to go to court to get a restraining order. I was not told she would be there too. Talk about throwing petrol on the fire.
    This went on for six years, could still be I dunno.
    Nothing worse than being home alone and horny and knowing there is someone out there, right outside your window who would do anything and you cant take advantage of this situation.
    I know it's funny and all. But believe me you don't want it to happen.

  10. call her in, tap it and throw her out, keep the process going :D
  11. Been there done that Bretto. Now if a chick is even slightly nutty or smells of nuts she gets moved on quickly. I mean they can be strange at the best of times but if some of the wiring has come loose......no thanks.
  12. Yup I hear ya. Bricks through the windows when I had another girl back. Whole side of my car smashed in. Mail missing. Bikes pushed over just to name a few. She beat the crap out of a girl I liked and had taken out a few times. That's when I finally had to take action. Farken cops thought it was very funny too. Turds.
  13. What a wise man once told me:

    "Son, never ever stick your dick in crazy."
  14. Mad in the head. Good in the bed :)
  15. and let rot in the shed
  16. And downhill goes the thread.
  17. Wasn't it rock bottom from the beginning? How much further down can it go?
  18. I have friend in low places. I'll ask around.
  19. Well you already know my answer.
  20. Everyone knows of a bloke that had a crazy girlfriend.
    Everyone knows of a girl who had a crazy boyfriend too.
    One's funny, the other ones scarey.