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Facebook problems (12-05-2011)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, May 12, 2011.

  1. Apparently Facebook has shut down the News Feed as there's a malicious wall post doing the rounds and going viral.

    What I've heard is you get a post from a friend which is full of swearing and has a link in it to get rid of the post.

    Of course that link then sends it on to all your friends and it keeps on going.

    The only safe way to get rid of it, so I'm told, is to click on the X on the top right corner of each wall post and then pick the "Mark as Spam" option.

    My News Feed only has posts from the last 40 minutes or so but I've certainly got some interesting e-mail notifications.
  2. I must say, if you don't have FB, you don't have FB problems.

    I'm not sorry I got rid of my account (and boy, do they hide the information on how to delete rather than disable your account)
  3. EDIT: oh yeah, took out the image, family site and whatnot. NSFW!!11!

    Looks like it was a java xss script. They were on top of it in about 4 minutes flat though. Not before I told the bloke sitting next to me who was all upset about all his friends swearing on his wall to click it, then started eating my gloves to hide my laughter.
  4. lol that explains why my mate posted such a strong msg to me on FB!
  5. mmm you actually have to apply to do this, it's such a joke!
  6. And if you forget and log in within two weeks, your account is reinstated!

    Fortunately I am made of sterner stuff and managed to last the distance, so now - no more FB.
  7. Plus one. Haven't been happier.
  8. maaannn i am on facebook all the time - it's the check-in function that gets me. It's just such a novelty.

    "adon checked in at westfield bondi junction toilets 3rd cubicle with 15 other people"
  9. People were clicking things? I was just writing messages to certain friends...

    Most entertaining day on facebook that I've had in ages, some of the nicest people I know got conned into that one, they were horrified.
  10. It happened a lot. Yay.
  11. I run Facebook in https rather than http, maybe that's why I didn't see any of these messages despite some of my friends complaining about it...
  12. I do the same. Nothing bad happened to me.