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Facebook Page Reveals Details of Unmarked Police Cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Trundler, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Had to have a hearty chuckle at this one.

    The page likes shot up right after the story. Good one.

    Do they have any legal basis for going after people posting photographs, or are they just scaremongering as usual?

  2. ITs funny because I and all my friends had never heard of this page until it was in the media.

    Edit - Saw what you wrote underneath the quote. Woops. I dont see how they can get in trouble, number plates are their for the public so whos to stop a photo being taken?
  3. I don't quite get this... I'd have thought undercover cops could put whatever plates they want on their vehicles any time they like if they're doing something useful. If they can't, it's a bit pathetic.

    As for this...

    Hahahaha, get fvcked! Seriously. Charges for what, exactly?
  4. If they're doing nothing wrong, then they have nothing to hide. Right?

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  5. Just seems like a more sophisticated way of getting the information people in rural towns used to get by just looking at the cars parked out back of the Police station. Not to mention the car dealers and mechanics who were well aware of which cars were bought/owned by the Police.
  6. It's not giving anything away to mention that most unmarkeds have more than one set of plates.

    And not necessarily from the same State.....

    Some also have the ability to turn off individual lights (side, main, etc) to vary the light pattern when out at night. Nothing new, dates back 30 years.
  7. No, it's really not.

    Also, some of them are this...

  8. The only solution for police and their cars:

  9. The best part is that the page is for posting UNMARKED police cars, not UNDERCOVER.

    Whoever wrote the article needs to learn the difference because it is very, very large.

    Unmarked cop cars can be seen anywhere and are reasonably easy to tell that they are unmarked. An Undercover cop won't have anything on it that could give away their identity, because why when they are running a sting and trying to catch someone would they do something as stupid as have police lights anywhere on or in the car??
  10. Right on brother :) nice

    good to see those car drivers standing up and getting proactive .

    Together we Stand
  11. You will never, ever know an undercover police car.

    They are very different to an unmarked police car. Besides, most people can recognise an unmarked police car, can't they?
  12. Except when Police let people be undercover cops in the country town they grew up in ;).
  13. Back n the seventies some of the undercover cars used to be kept in North Melbourne behind the police station - the way in and out was through a laneway at the back past a friend of mine's workshop.

    They had Volvos, BMWs, Jaguars - almost all upmarket cars but they also had a couple of serious shitboxes as well (including a clapped out Rover 90) and a couple of bikes, including a BSA Rocket 3 and a Suzuki 750 waterbottle. None of the vehicles parked there ever had plates - I suspect that they were put on for particular jobs..

    Unmarked were different - they were just standard police cars with the badges taken off, although in NSW they had an unmarked Cooper S which used to work the Bateman's Bay area in summer. What was different about it was it had roof racks with surfboards. What was also different about it was that the boards were permanently bolted to the racks. :)
  14. I've also wondered about the legality of blocking a camera car or putting a piece of cardboard across the windscreen.

    They're not really police, so they couldn't try to play the interfering with police business crap.
  15. unmarked cars full of doughnut eating, beige wearing "detectives" speeding past you at 30 over the limit, then pulling you over to harrass you for "looking at them to long" as you ride past them at the servo where they pulled over to refill their krispy kreme boxes ought to have their car identified on facebook. so other unfortunate riders wont have bits of jam filling spat through their helmet opening while listening to incessant ignorant drivel about "bikies having no respect".

    bloody mondays.
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  17. you could post every unmarked car in the State and what difference would it make?

    you going to ride round with a tonne of make, model and rego numbers in your head?

    I'd rather concentrate on my riding thanks.
  18. I agree but you could easily set up a dashboard cam and hook it up to a PC running an OCR so that it reads plates and warns you when you're near one.
  19. There was a wrx at oktoberfest that had flashers installed very low profile onto the parcel shelf and dash, couldn't see them from more than a foot away. Other than the console, there was no sign of it at all being a cop car. Would never guess that one.
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