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Facebook group for the riders in melbourne

Discussion in 'VIC' started by TuviReb, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I know im not one of the people whos been a part of netrider for ages but i rckn it's a good idea to have a facebook group where we can all find each other, post pics and have conference chats...

    I know theres a page for netrider on facebook but its pretty dead over there...

    I just created somethin small in a few minutes so y'all can join :)


    Peace :)
  2. Riiiiiight. Cool
  3. Requested to join, thanks mate.
  4. I thought there already was a Melbourne Netrider group on Facebook... Isn't it called "ARC's friend list"??? :cheeky:
  5. Shush, it's a secret group :angel:

  6. Requested. Hope to speak soon!
  7. Group has blown up!! Very good!
  8. Just requested to join!
  9. It also has a secret handshake, Hahahahaha
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  10. I heard you can't join if you wear a scarf :LOL:

    Hey deadman, it's almost September. When are you allowed to ride again?
  11. 17th September, But I wont be here, I will be in Fiji, Having a holiday and

    Learning to sail a 34 foot Catamaran.


    2003 Gemini 105MC 34 foot Catamaran, Then I will be sailing it back to OZ,

    It will take about 3 weeks to get it back here, It will live at Yarringa boat Harbour at Somerville.

    How you been Keeping Mate,
  12. request sent, lemme in lemme in plzzzzz :0)
  13. If u r into mindless bullshit swearing and no substance dialogue then this may be something to look into... For mine after about a week of crap I had had enough.... Just saying.
  14. What are you on about????
    I haven't found that and I've met up for a couple of rides to boot...

    Each to their own I suppose but your post is very close to the trolling department...

    Just sayin...

  15. Did you turn notify off for the group? It was annoying me too until I did that. Then you can just do the occasional scan of the posts instead.
  16. It's not that bad...
  17. Your on facebook too and still youdo not nknow me? I am going to cry now