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..Facebook comment of the year!!...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. LOL thats gold
  3. Hahahahaha !
    This is indeed worthy of 'Facebook Comment of the Year'...and 'attention to detail award' - to Francois !
  4. Inapropriate?
    Not all sir. Inapropriate would have been. "Jees, you've got a schlong on ya love!"
  5. Meh, she's got a pretty face - I'd probably push that junk to the side and keep on eatin'
    Oh, hang on a sec...
  6. OMG NK!

  7. HAHAHA... holly shit!!! I almost spat my yohgurt all over the screen.

  8. Ill vote that Netriders comment of the year!
  9. Bax, I'm with you !
    NiteKreeper : That is the funniest expression/comment I have read in a long time !!!
  10. Gold!!!!!!!!
  11. I think she comes from Thailand,
  12. ... I think I need her phone number!!.... :rofl:
  13. Looks like you'd need two hands
  14. NK you wont be looking at her pretty face when your eating down there, all your going to be seeing is her bigggggg ****.
  15. Last year, some mates and I were in Bangkok and I got a urinary infection.
    The female Dr was giving me the "turn your head and cough" treatment.
    She says, "don't worry, it's normal to get an errection during these types of examinations".

    I told her I didn't have an errection.
    She just looked and said, "I know. I do".
  16. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, Pisser.
  17. Finn, you should be so proud. Lol.
  18. bahahahahah