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Face/neck warmer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Jul 17, 2009.

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  2. Any camping shop would have similar I would guess. I have a silk balaclava ($8 online) and a polar fleece neck warmer ($10 from a camping shop on Elizabeth St) and they work perfectly without too much bulk under the helmet.
  3. I got one of these from MCAS at Auburn. RJAY is pretty much stocked all over though so have a look around. It doesnt come right up over the nose like your link but I found it more than adequate.
  4. yea been to aussie disposals, ski shop, kathmando, a camping shop.

    some balaclavas are too thick, i sometimes find the fog-off restrictive when doin headchecks. and then there are the ones which are static as hell. and the others just seem too thin to keep you warm.

    are the RJays valcro up at the back?

    if all else fails im just gona go with something from the mountain climing store
  5. What is suddenly wrong with the humble scarf???

    I've used 'em for years, never felt the need for anything else
  6. I used to use a scarf but it was PIA to have to wrap it up and make sure it was all securely tucked into my jacket. I bought a neck warmer from kathmandu, I think it was only about $15-20. It seals the gap between my jacket and helmet.

    I don't wear a balaclava because it causes my glasses to fog up. The gaps the material makes over my nose seem perfectly shaped to send moist air directly onto the lenses.
  7. Netrider shop used to have Netrider neck warmers, with the logo and everything :(

    some fortunate souls still have their's; some purchased, others, gifts :wink:
  8. Yes!!!!! Brilliant neck socks. Warm as toast.

    I use one of these Oxford Chillout Tubes
    And then throw the Netrider necksock on and the two items together rawk!!!!
    I commute every day on the bike and remain nice and warm. I get no air in and around my neck area.

    Anyone who sells Ficeda stuff should be able to get one to you. Most bike shops stock them.
  9. I got my neck warmer at ALDI for about 5 bucks. It is similar to the Rjays neck warmer.

    I rode to Queanbeyan in -2C this week without any problems. It is definite;y less restrictive than a "fog off".

  10. I bought a Fog-Off last week after recommendations on here. Pretty happy with it all told - it does the job of keeping the visor clear... unless I turn my head which breaks the seal over my nose. I also get a random stream of cold air up the right side of my nose (outside the Fog-Off, gap between it and the helmet) and straight into my eye. Probably helps with the clear visor, but not much good when my eye starts watering. Also got more cold air coming into the helmet and freezing the bits of my head not covered by the Fog-Off. I'm now wearing it in combination with an RJays neck-aclava which solves that problem.

    All in all not too bad, but not flawless. Still on the lookout for the perfect solution...
  11. Turtle Fleece one from PS raaaaaaaawks... life is so much better when your neck isn't stinging like its being sliced open!
  12. i find it also doesnt keep the back of the neck warm, like on the last tnmr
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  14. +1 i was so fookin cold one morning i ride in and brought one straight away, bit expensive but makes riding in the cold so much better
  15. I love my neckwarmer, would never wear a scarf again, what a pain! I have an RJays one and a collection of Spokes ones free from the MotoGP!
  16. no velcro on back, i also have the rjay neck warmer, love it
  17. A buff is also good if it is not too cold.

    The advantage is that you can wear it around your wrist during the day when it is warm and use it when it is at cold when you are riding home.
  18. cheers guys will have a look
  19. Another vote here for Turtle Fur neck warmers.

    $30 from AMX in melbourne and it's the best bit of kit i've ever bought! Bunches up around your neck and creates a perfect seal between jacket and helmet, and it's not too restrictive either!
  20. I bought an RJays Neck Warmer for $11 when I bought my rain gear about a month ago, can't fault it, it's warm, comfy and not very restrictive.

    Haven't yet tried it out with my new jacket though, this morning is bloody cold so it's going on after a shower.

    I also wear mine throughout the day at work if it's cold, tucks down nicely.