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Fabulous sight this arvo.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. This weekend just gone was "Wings over the Illawarra" a celebration of flying put on by HARS, the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society. Around 35000 people crammed into the Albion Park aerodrome for the day (how they all fitted I have no idea but the traffic around the venue was hideous).

    Having been born not long after WWII, I have always had a fascination for WWII aircraft but I couldn't face jostling with the traffic and the crowds so I gave it a miss.

    Imagine, then, my delight this afternoon when, driving past the aerodrome, a genuine, fair-dinkum P51 Mustang flew overhead and landed on the runway next to the road. I was locked in the right lane of traffic and couldn't pull over and take a picture, but, what a thrill.

    Just like this one..


    I remember when Paul and I were about 12 our uncle gave us a Monogram construction kit called the "Phantom Mustang."


    We took ages to carefully build it and it lasted for years. It had 3 (from memory) electric motors in the base that operated the landing gear, the propellor and the bomb release mechanisms. Now that does bring back memories.
  2. Love the Mustangs... look awesome and sound even better :D. IIRC the mustangs came with the 12 cylinder engines?...damn it was loud the first time i heard it start up.
  3. So that's why the traffic was crazy getting to the pass on Sunday..
  4. Yep, a Rolls Royce Merlin V12. The same motor that was used in both the Spitfire and the Hurricane. And, yes, it sure was loud.
  5. A friend of mine trained to be a pilot a few years ago. Some of his training was down at Pt Cook. There was a Mustang being restored down there and a few times it was in the air at the same time as him.

    He said as he entered the landing circuit, if the Mustang was behind him he could actually hear it over the sound of his little Cessna.

  6. I saw a mustang fly around over here a year or so ago, remember commenting to my wife out the front wow a mustang you don't see that every day, probably was going to the show last year. we get buzzed regurlarly by the warbirds southern highlands people, in there yak or whatever they have, and someone has a old wirraway maybe at the mittagong airport that is up a fair bit too
  7. saw a b17 landing once.... it was awesome. Try getting out to Temora, as they had some of the planes from there at HARS. Nothing beats the sound of a Spitfire mk2
  8. Theres a Mustang that flies out of Laverton in Melb. They have a museum / flying club out at the old RAAF base.
    I remember him buzzing the beach one year. Impressive sight!
  9. AFAIK, the Mustang that I saw doesn't normally live at Albion Park, so it could have been flown up from Melbourne. HARS imported a lot of aircraft from other places in Australia for the weekend.

  10. Being a Brit with a nationalistic pride thing for the Spitfire wouldn't stop me relishing such an impressive sight, certainly would have left me =P~
  11. A Packard manufactured Merlin I think.
  12. Correct. The Rolls Royce factory at Crew??? was flat out building engines for the various British planes that used the engines, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Mosquito, et al, so they gave the Packard company in the USA the rights to manufacture the engine under licence.

    While the bulk of American warplanes of WWII used radial engines (mostly Pratt & Whitney), the Mustang and a few others used the Packard Merlin.

    It was the surfeit of Packard Merlins after the war that fed the frenzy of unlimited hydroplane racing with people like Gar Wood and the various "Miss Budweiser" boats of the 50's and 60's.