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fabricating farings need some advice

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by crutch, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. I need to replace some fairings, plastic welding has goten me far. But my latest project has fairing mising and its not a good option to be replaced because of cost.

    Now for starters i have about 5cm of ABS plastic faring missing from my cowls i am considering a few options

    1. getting my hands on some abs plastic heatng it till its vagly resembles the missing part then plastic welding it to the existing cowl. followed by some more heating and fiddling till its the desired shape. Then refinishing
    Final strenght my be a problem and shaping to desred shape is cumbersome)

    2 Making a mague mold out of foam layering faberglass sheets and and resisn until i have enough layers for it to be described as a new and completle part. Followed by refinishing

    3 Carbon fiber (no point as this is just a more complex fiberglass technique but also requires vacum bagging as fiberglass doesnt seem to)

    (my problem is i have never fabriced anything and dont know about the strenght of the fibrglass resisns and any other problems that are not apparent to me)

    Also i have read a few guides but i dont imagin how i am sopuused to make the prodruting bolt guides and so forth anyone have any link to articles that cover this in particular. Or any advice on which way to go

    BTW i dont mind picking up even more tools and list of places in sydney where i can pick up suitable supplies would be nice. I reckon im gunna give carbon fiber a go sooner or later
  2. Alternatives to fabrication include:

    - 2nd Hand
    If you go to a wreckers, they may have smashed fairings with the part you need still intact. They will probably sell a wrecked fairing cheap and you can just cut out the part you need and plastic weld it onto your existing fairings.

    - Metal?
    Bend/cut a bit of steel and bolt it in place - if the spot is appropriate you could polish it or leave it bare metal with exposed bolts so it looks all industrial-badass.
  3. Another option that might be worth considering is finding the same panel at a wrecker - one that's munted in a different spot - so it should be real cheap or even free, then cutting out the good part and welding that to your existing bit.

    Edit: [img:242:206:75195f5d6d]http://www.primotees.com/men/catalogimages/oh_snap.jpg[/img:75195f5d6d]
  4. Oh, you're in Sydney...

    Metropolitan Motorcycles on Silverwater Rd usually have bikes with some smashed fairings still attached. Might be orright for pieces. ph 9748 7400

    FluffyDonkey has some plastic welding experience - as well as some spare fairing plastic, and the remains of a CBR250RR in the garage... he might be worth a PM.
  5. The spare route is definatly the easiest and probably as cheap as fabricating one up yourselg.

    If you are really bent on doning it yourself, option 2 is the closest.

    Take the origanl and backt the hole with chickwire and styrafoam. Then shape and finish until good.

    Then take a negative mould of it with fibreglass.

    Then hand lay a new fibreglass or kevlar panel.

    don't do the carbon fibre as it's hard to get a good finish.

    Even after you've done all that you still have the problem of finishing the panel.

    buy second hand, even if you need to get an importer to bring a panel in with his next shipment.
  6. I though about turning it into a street fighter/naked but a NSR150SP would make would pussy looking streetfighter. Replacing it with a metal part seems harder as metal is harder to manipulate and get it to look smooth, my welding skills are not that hot.

    Edit I am a regular at metropolaton motorcycles but for an NSR is cheaper to import a new faring set from thialand qouted me for about $700 + delivery(which is what it wants) then pay for a secound hand one from them which will also be scratched dmged.
  7. Crikey Ive got Karl fingers today
  8. I'm going to go against the trend here and say the your option 1 is probably going to be the easiest. Simply, cut a piece of identical plastic (hopefully ABS) to fit the hole, then plastic weld it in. Your going to have to do a fair bit of prep work involving bog & filler anyway, so it just means a little more work smoothing out the area that you've plastic welded in.
    From my experience it will be no weaker than the existing fairing as long as you use a decent thickness of plastic. As with most plastic welding, ideally the weld will become stronger than the surrounds.

    Good on you for fixing it up yourself!
  9. Just dedicate your post to Groberts!
  10. thanks for all replies.
    Im at home behind the heat gun + a bit of plastic putty and a refinish and u cant tel how many crashes ive had.

    Koma i have heard the opposite about the weld being weaker than the sourounds. R u sure. I know the weld is stronger when refering to coppper/metal & plumbing and the like but i remember reading the long poly chains give it strenght and the welds are the weak point in plastic weldin.

    Ill try replacing welding first im better set up for it in the garage. if it breaks ill try to fiber glass myself a new panel. I will have to eventualy as i have 2 fairings missing and i dont feel like payin $250 for em dmged and 2nd hand.

    PS:Should start a project page for this one already did the engine work.