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FAAARK but my bad too!! :( what a way to start the day.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by goddie, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Morning folks, just got in the office, commute citylink, flem rd, elizabeth st, vic st onto Exhibition and end up on spring st..

    Riding on had a wanker in red bmw in a hurry, no brake lights chopping an changing lanes and being a dick, got past him off the fwy an headed up flemington rd, did the filtering and was over the beemer.
    putted down elizabeth st, and started up Victoria st, was bumper to bumper except inside lane!! still a live lane thill after clearway takes effect!!
    So start up hill and going 'not fast' but reasonable with slow or stoppeed traffic, get to Lygon st, and slowed down as some traffic was stopped, saw a car turn right across my path and though 'ok' at the white line a friggin WHITE mazda 121 with P plates runs across my path, hit the front brakes 'no abs' as felt the wheel lock and slide a tad to the right, speed dropped enough and let brake go, split second and car gone, issue over me farken angreee, proceed further on and same lane, slower and again cars just flyin across!! Got clear, switched lanes as was approching my 'right turn' point and started to filter thur to get into right turn lane at intersection, spotted dark female with headfones on walking between cars and not even looking, I hit the horn while at the rear of the car I filter between, biatch didnt even look so hit the horn and kept the finger on and honestly she was going to be hit, I have no idea how loud her music was but thought my bad, as well as hers!!
    Point? thank goodness for sat morning prac, even though I was a dick for using inner lane [which I was allowed to] my reaction [I didnt shit myself] due to prac sessions save my life/well injury and soiling my boxers!!
    So thank you to Doug n Dave once again, your input and help has saved another rider.
    Well work beckons, enjoy folks!!
  2. I can't wear boxers on the bike - I find my junk slips out and I end up sitting on Mr Lefty...
  3. This is why you should wait for the adrenaline to drain before posting.

    My brain hurt trying to read that.
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  4. Lol, that got my heartrate up just reading it. Sounds like that's better than any coffee out there for a morning pick-me-up hey goddie...

    Glad you're in once piece mate
  5. I found my nuts get sat on too many times, need to do the Rossi and stand and adjust from time to time lol
  6. Well I thought I'd share how I felt after the experience and yep, can get one angry I guess, apologies for the brain hurt!
  7. Yep, funny enough I didnt panic, head didnt look at the road, the tyre locking didnt freak me out [much] and am very greatful to the guys I can tell you!!

    If this happened to me with less road and training under my belt, I would have stacked it!!

    We live n Learn!
  8. Side note (I also had difficulty following the OP) - I've found when riding around the CBD that the most effective method for me of getting the attention of the iPedestrian is to slip the clutch, lightly apply the brake and blip the throttle.

    The horn doesnt seem to translate as a threat. Maybe they think its doesnt apply to them, maybe they tune it out, maybe they cant hear it. Who knows.

    However, if you keep rolling towards them (not fast) and slip the clutch while blipping the throttle this seems to register as more of a threat and cuts through the normal inattention a little better - sometimes they even run a little.

    I've tried both the horn and the throttle when rolling towards them, and the horn tends to be not heard, ignored or just seen as unimportant.

    Its something I've been playing with when riding the various 'little' streets around the CBD where the iPeds always continue to cross regardless of the green light, usually without looking, sometimes looking but assuming that everyone will stop for them.

    The throttle seems to clear the interection much faster.

    My current working theory is that a horn gets tuned out. Generally the horn is used to indicate displeasure, rather than warning. So, to the iPed is just means someone is unhappy, impatient etc - it doesnt register in their bubble as something they need to care about - after all, who cares if someone is a little unhappy. However, an engine rolling towards them seems to cut through and register as an immediate threat to safety, requiring some attention.

    The other advantage is that if you have the brake lightly applied, engine reving and hand on the clutch you're in a position to accelerate, brake or otherwise respond to any wackiness that may ensue.

    Disclaimer: The above constitutes my opionion only, based only on my observation. Individual results may vary. Opinion may contain nuts. Do not operate heavy machinery while consuming this opinion. No animals were harmed in the forming of this opinion.
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  9. Once went horse riding in boxer shorts, big mistake.
  10. now THAT would hurt!! lol
  11. reckon you have a point about the 'blip the throttle' as I notice when sittinf for red lights to switch and the laggers are taking their sweet time, I blip and they wake up and hurry along. Reckon it's a cbd thing with peds watchin too much amercian tv where peds have right of way all the time :(
  12. just slide by nice and close and clip 'em behind the ear as you go,.... LoL.... or hook a finger in their bluddy earphones and trundle off with the whole frigging thing... Ha,ha
  13. A horn says "I've seen you and I'm angry because I'm waiting."
    Revving the engine says "My bike is coming at you."

    It's not really surprising that pedestrians responds more passionately to the second one.
  14. Sounds like a bit of a shit commute this morning goddie.....bummer

    The daily commute is either one of "ha-ha I get to have fun to and from work" or "where the F#%k did you come from - douche!"

    Either way - the stand up Rossi shift and grab is a definite "critical maneuver." at times (y)
  15. Glad to have been of service.

    Practice guys, it pays off.
  16. Hope the English language isnt to bad after that beating.

    Good to see practice pays off though! One day I shal get there!
  17. Would be a nice ride for you, maybe hook up with Streetmaster, he starts off at frankston to come up to elwood!!
  18. At times it's fun and others, well, poo poo happens, found myself 'not so cocky' in the wet, so confidence has more work to be done, but slowly slowly getting there. Must say, all bullshit aside, if it werent for the visits on sat morn and stuff being drummed in by doug n dave I'd have dropped or stacked it. am wrapt as it has saved me time, effort, money, pain, and most of all, the wife whinging at me saying 'I told you so' lol
  19. Cheers Doug :) appreciate your help and input
  20. ^well said.....'nough said (y)

    Good job keeping your cool and keeping it in the upright position.....cya in the morning mate

    Cheers :beer: