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Faaaark I'm wet!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by incitatus, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. G'day all, I just thought I'd let you know that I am sitting at my desk in gently steaming pool of water, freezing cold, battered, and quite relieved to be alive, I have just ridden through the most amazing thunderstorm of my entire life.

    I have ridden in storms before, but not like this'n. I left home expecting rain, it was forecast after all, and I was suitably kitted out. For the first 20 mins it only threatened me, I could see lightning a few k's distant, hear almost continuous thunder, and see huge green/black towering cumulo nimbus clouds that must have topped out at 10,000 feet or more. Above me was clear sky, a few wispy streaks of stratus only, when suddenly, and I do mean suddenly the sky fell on me.

    I have only ever seen rain like that once before, up at Kakadu in the wet season, it hit me like a physical blow, and I felt the bike decelerate as it hit, I was doing about 80, and had no forward vision at all, it was like a constant waterfall running over my visor. I lifted my visor and the rain immediately beat it closed again. I opened it again and held it open with my left hand, giving me about 3 seconds of vision before my glasses were smashed against my face by the driving rain, hard enough to leave a bruise on the bridge of my nose. I managed to pull over to the verge and stop, but cars were going past me without slowing down at all, and even with wipers they couldn't have been able to see much past their bonnets. It was madness, if one had rear-ended another it would have caused a chain reaction involving dog knows how many cars. I felt that their was a real possibility that a car might pull over and hit me as I stood there, so I climbed up the embankment a bit and waited. It only lasted a few minutes, but in that time a huge area of topsoil was washed into the road and became a sea of mud. I got back on the bike, soaked to the bone, every inch of me dripping, and carried on to the office.

    I have no spare clothes, I have meetings all day, and I am like a wet dishrag. I have a fan heater going at my feet in a desperate attempt to dry out, but it is creating so much steam I don't think it's helping one iota. Ahhh the joys of the motorcycle eh.......one day I'll learn...one day.....surely.....please.
  2. :LOL: @ inc.

    Climate change is a bummer hey :grin:

    And if you haven't learnt by now mate, you never will. :wink:
  3. Sounds like me the Friday before the one just past.

    Hailstones in the crotch.

    Two cars came into the petrol station I was huddling in with cracked windshields. I had no wet weather gear, I could wring water out of my leathers (waterproof boots are only waterproof if you don't tuck you leather pants into them). Tinter visor was about as useful as a chocolate teapot when the only thing I could see was raindrops (red coloured if someone was braking, if I didn't see red coloured raindrops, I kept going).
  4. *throws incitatus a towel*

    That's one crazy downpour! Glad you made it to work ok. It always amazes me how some people just keep on driving without slowing down at all in the pouring rain :roll:

    You must be really steamed :LOL:
  5. Good to hear you got through it O.K.
    Good to hear we may have some more rain heading our way.
  6. I've been dreading the day when I get stuck in a downpoor as you described... I've been in ultra-heavy rain before, but was riding into it so it gradually got heavier rather than the wall effect.

    Nice Meteorological name calling!!
  7. pfft they have been saying possible thunderstorms for the last freaken 3 weeks. :roll:
  8. :shock: YIKES, sounds amazing. We ran into a huge storm out between Walcha and Tamworth on the Three Points Ride, but there was no other traffic, so we plugged on. Your's sounds about ten times worse; and what do you do, keep going when you can't see, or pull over and risk someone else who can't see cleaning you up while you're a stationary target??

    Good to hear you survived, mate....
  9. That's what she said.

  10. I know exactly how you feel, i'm living outside of Queanbeyan and we have been getting an afternoon downpour every arvo, as soon as i finish work.
    Last week toook the car to work and on the way home i could hardly see anything, i was going 40km/h with my hazards on and laughing at how hard the rain was pouring....was soo glad i wasnt on the bike :LOL:
  11. It was only a matter of time... :roll: :wink:
  12. Well I was going to say how glad I was that one of my incredibly romantic, Patrarchan sonnets that I've been PMing to inci has finally garnered a response, but the Wayne's World quote seemed a lot punchier and 'in the moment' :grin:
  13. Good call... gotta live in the moment :grin:

    Although, having said that... romantic, Patrarchan sonnets rule :cool:
  14. Nothing like a motherf*cker of a storm to remind you that mother nature is your daddy.
  15. A month ago i went from a cbr250 to a kawasaki z750. When i picked up the bike it was drizzling, as i was heading home it dumped....hard! Soaked thru n thru like i'm sure you were.

    Was hard enough dealing with the new power delivery.
  16. Yes, rain can be scary sometimes...
  17. On the bright side, riding through a similar deluge (though maybe not *quite* at that level) recently made my tacho start working again. Who knew all the Spada needed was a bath?
  18. rain means i get the day off with pay :woot:

    so no upsetting the rain gods, rain is good
  19. send it out west....we'll take all u got!!!!!!!!! :LOL: