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F800ST/R - What's that lump in front of the seat?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bulby, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this question belongs here or the general forum, since it's not actually a troubleshooting question.

    I'm just curious. Since the fuel tank of the F800ST / F800R is under the seat, what's that inside that lump in front of the seat where the fuel tank usually is on most bikes?

    It's not a boot, I don't think? (a-la Suzuki Across)
    Could it be the battery and ECU etc?

    p.s. Been lusting after the F800ST for a while now :p

  2. Its just pleased to see you ;)
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  3. probably same as most bikes air filter etc.
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  4. Air filter cover. Some of the F650's had a boot but don't think the F800 does.
  5. Battery and assorted electrical stuff...

    BMW actually refer to it as the battery compartment in the manual
  6. A wee bit disappointed it's not because its just that excited to see me, but hey. Thanks for sharing the info :)
  7. It maintains a healthily damp and humid atmosphere around the electronics :D.
  8. And being neither British nor Italian they continue to work... :)
  9. I've often wondered that myself - surely they could have been a bit clever and fitted a bit of storage like the across or mana
  10. Earlier Fs had a helmet storage slot in there, although it looked a bit odd when you didn't have a helmet in it. ie, Whenever you were actually riding the thing.