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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by port80, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I finally got to sit on the F800s at the bike expo today. I must say I was impressed with the position, it's semi sporty - in a good way. No where near as upright as the ER-6f like I thought it maybe. My other surprise was the shape of the fake tank, it's pretty high and I think it would be pretty comfy to rest on at higher speeds.

    But my biggest surprise was the price tag, high $14k for the base model, I was expecting them to be much higher. Has anybody managed a ride on one?

  2. I had a sit on it too and found the ergonomics to my liking. :)
  3. Me three, this is one bike that is on the upgrade list for sure.

    They have had great reviews so far, have a squizz at this site http://www.bmwmccvic.org.au/content/view/48/33/
  4. bleh, I went and saw it, it looks yuk :)
  5. To me, it really does look about as appealing as a shit sandwich though, then again looks don't impact on ridability and performance.

    EDIT: On second thoughts, looking from side-on it doesn't look bad, but from front on...blergh [img:61:26:e297e2ff32]http://bouldernet.net/modules/PNphpBB2/images/smiles/i3_vomit.gif[/img:e297e2ff32]
  6. Funny I said the same thing about a bald bloke loitering around the Netrider stand :p

    beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, I like the ST the S looks under done to me. :grin:
  7. Hehehe. Nice come back.

    Some of us buy bikes for riding, others buy bikes for looking at. Me? I'm a rider, if I want something to look at I'll go to the Expo.
  8. ppfffttt, come back my ring!!

    I buy things I like, if I dont like it I don't buy it.

    You however, may like spending the entire day on your bike telling yourself, " I't may be pewtrid but at least it rides well"
    At worse, i'll compromise ;)
  9. I was amazed at the price too - until I saw how quickly adding a few options bumped it up towards the 20k mark. Didn't like the big stupid plastic hump sitting right in front of me - especially since the plastic flexed way too easily which just made it seem "cheap". Styling I didn't think was that bad - but I didn't find it the slightest bit interesting either. Personally I was much more impressed by the Moto Guzzi Breva, and even the Hyosung GT650S, than I was with the F800.
  10. JD I agree the GT650S in Silver looked the goods allright.

    BUT I like the look of the F800ST! So there!!!!
  11. That's what my missus says all the time but she doesn't ride a motorbike :? :? :? :? :? :wink:
  12. Well i liked the look of the 800 s model

    Got my name down for a test ride but they will not be available for about a month or so BMW will be putting a S and RT versions on as demos
  13. The silver one was the 650R wasn't it? The one I liked was the yellow one that comes with the soft luggage and heated grips (must be getting old :LOL:). For 9 grand it's not a bad deal for a small sports-tourer, especially since it comes with a 2yr unlimited km warranty.
  14. I had a look at this bike also( F800S) Nice riding position, nice looking bike. Diddnt like the dummy tank as JD said looked cheap. Also diddnt like the exhaust too fat, although you could always change it. For the money would probably look at a VFR.
  15. Fair call - ride away on a F800s with ABS is $17250 I was told by a beemer dealer, whats the VFR ride away?
  16. Fair call - ride away on a F800s with ABS is $17250 I was told by a beemer dealer, whats the VFR ride away?
  17. I liked the look of the Bimmer, and it also fitted me very nicely.

    Not that I'll be buying one any time in the next umpteen years.

    The bike at the Expo that fitted me perfectly was a bit of a surprise - the Triumph Sprint ST. Good for quite-a-few-hundred-klick days, that one. :)

    Won't be able to afford that one till hell freezes over, either. :evil:
  18. I'm looking at my upgrade bike and was also disappointed with the F800's at the expo. Finish seemed very amateur...very surprising coming from BMW.

    It did fit me better than the Viffer though, being a short-ar5e, the extra cm+ and 30-odd kg of the Viffer will probably make all the difference.

    Oh, and Gromit, that Sprint ST is an awesome bike, it's made its way back onto the list, as long as I'm confident not to drop it too often. $$$$$$ to pick it back up off the deck. :)